Non-artsy post.

December 29, 2010

No Time.  No money.  No picture.

But here’s a cool video.


-2x power cleans, 1x jerk: worked up to 3×3 at 116kg.

-3x clean pulls:  worked up to 3×3 at 157kg.

-6x RDLs:  worked up to 130kg.


(Super wrecked from yesterday)

-2x Snatch: 50,50,70,70,90,90,100,110,110

-mobility/shoulder work

-abs/torso work


concept art for my Obama comic. It doesn't really look like him, but I thought it was cool anyways.

F. Squats have always been my least favorite thing to do and have thus, always been one of my weaknesses.  So I couldn’t think of a better way to start off the new year than with 8 weeks of ONLY Front squatting.  Oh, and today is 10 sets of 10.  Whachu know ’bout volume!


So I’ve decided to step up my get-yoked-pertrophy game up to the next level.  10 sets of 10 Front squats super-setted with 10 sets of 10 chin-ups.  I’m going to attempt this with 245lbs (this particular gym only has lb plates).  My buddies, Will (who will also be using 245) and Denny will be doing the same.  I encourage any and all to try this as well if you like NOT fitting into clothes properly.

Day 1.

December 27, 2010


Strength is a cruel mistress, one who slaps you in the face with a phone book every time you decide to take a couple weeks off.  I took a pitiful introductory “pre-workout” on Saturday in hopes of softening the blow to my fragile ego.  No luck.  BUT, today is a new day and the start of my new, more (slightly) organized training program.  And since I’m posting my business all over the internet, I may as well use this website as a training tool and post my workouts on it.


-Hang snatch for triples: 50kgx3,70kg,90kg,100kg,110kgxxx (2 out of 3),50kg

-snatch pulls off the blocks x4: 70kg,90kg,110kg,120kgx2

-mobility work and abs.

-caught a tricep pump


-power clean x2, clean and jerk x1: worked up to 130.

-jerks from the rack (front): worked up to 130

-mobility work/experimented with different rack positions, eventually started doing rack holds with 190kg.

-caught another tricep pump

Here’s the POD, it’s another of an older gentleman.

whachu know 'bout lead sticks??!!

In other news . . .


chicken n' stuffing

Here’s how the conversation went:

“So do you want gravy on your stuffing?”

“umm . . . yeah.”

“And do you want gravy on your chicken as well?”


Merry Christmas.

December 24, 2010

I was drinking egg nog out of the carton while driving home from the gym this morning.  Here’s a picture.

Standard issue sailor uniform on the S.S. Front Squat.

Problem Solving.

December 23, 2010

I recently wrote a post for and expressed my feelings on the importance of problem solving when it comes to Olympic Weightlifting training (You can find it here: For entertainment purposes, I made my main argument that I need stronger legs if I’m going to be a better lifter. This is true. BUT stronger legs does not a lifter make. There are a number of other issues that I’m going to address in the new year, most of which can be most easily seen while comparing myself to those who are better than me.

In my opinion, the best training tool for a lifter is training with people who are better than yourself. That way, you can see firsthand what the differences are between you and them. Unfortunately, my circumstances are such that I am training by myself the majority of the time (NOT an ideal training environment). However, I am constantly comparing myself to superior lifters and have come to a few conclusions:

1) Flexibility. I am always being made fun of because I have big arms (yeah buddy!). But really, they just aren’t that big and there are lots of other lifters with a lot bigger arms than I do who have no problem with their rack position.  If you take a look at a good lifter, they can catch a clean and stand up with it with the bar resting in their palms.  When I clean, my fingers are barely hanging on and sometimes my arms just pop out of position and the bar flies all over the place.  After 6 years of lifting, I couldn’t sit down in a front squat with an empty bar, so when I miss cleans, it is always while racking the bar at the bottom.  Good lifters do not do that.  IF a good lifter misses a clean, it is while standing up out of the hole.  Simple fix.  Front squat more.  But my shoulder girdle is so tight,  that my rack position is just plain shitty.  SO, in the new year: get more aggressive with shoulder flexibility . . .  A LOT more aggressive.  When I have the money, some soft tissue work should help this too.

2)  Front squat (duh!).  I need to be front squatting 230 kilos for triples, plain and simple.

3) Consistent pulls.  When I approach maximal weights some times I feel like I literally FORGET how to set up and pull the bar.  The fix: stop being such a sally and do it right.

If I can improve at least these 3 thing, I’m confident that my numbers will show it.  I’m looking forward to getting more organized with my training and improving my gross flaws.  Heavy volume on the squats starting next week, whachu know ’bout volume!!??.

In other news:  I bought approximately HELLA sketch paper of varying sizes today.  I’m gonna do some next level maneuvers with my art game this year.

In other, other news:  My good buddy passed me the newest Jame Lidell album recently.  It is fucking legit.  Here’s a video of him from Lablogotheque.  This website has videos of live impromptu performances from cool bands and it’s how I heard of this guy.

Oh, and here’s a picture.

Ms. Marvel is so goddamn hot. She's probably in my top 5.

A First.

December 22, 2010

Finally, something lifting related.

quick sketch of a dece 1st pull.

If I modeled for this, my elbows would most likely be bent and my weight forward on my toes.  Excited to start lifting again on Monday.

Whachu know ’bout volume!!??

State of the Union.

December 21, 2010

Last year around this time, I had an idea.  I’m the type of guy that has lots of “great” ideas, but rarely follows through with any of them.  But I had particularly strong feelings about this one, being that it was an idea I had for a a comic book.  Follow along with me: Zombies.  Obama. Samurai sword.  After a few brainstorming sessions and concept sketches, this is what I came up with:

Zombies. Obama. Samurai sword. 'Nuff said.

So I began drawing.  Furiously drawing.  I wanted it to be all black and white,  drawn very messy/scribbly.  My idea was to have Mr. Obama as a side character.  He wouldn’t speak.  He would just cut the fuck out of some zombies with a samurai sword.  The story would instead be told through the eyes of a small group of survivors that Obama saves and must lead out of a zombie overrun DC.

Sadly, like most things I do, this project was left unfinished.  I began to worry if people would think I was trying to say something politically with this project (as if a guy like me would have any sort of political agenda).  But really, I JUST wanted to see Obama kill some zombies in an action comic.

I ended up getting the artwork done for 7 pages.  I may post some every now and then if I decide to kill the project once and for all.

I Eat Small Birds.

December 20, 2010

Last night, I ate a quail.  It was delicious.  Here is a sketch of an older gentleman.

Inverted colors thanks to the magic that is technology.

Brown and Silent Type.

December 17, 2010

If you’ve ever had a conversation with me, then you probably know that I don’t say much.  Not that I don’t have anything original to say, I’ve just never really taken much pleasure in making my opinions known to everyone around me.


“Ben, how do you feel about (whatever)?”

“I don’t know, Bro.  How do you feel about me not caring about (whatever)?”

I’ve never actually said that to anyone.  But really, nothing profound going on over here, just doodles, sketches, training related thoughts/updates, possibly some videos, and some self-deprecating humor.  Feel free to critique any of my artwork that I post on here, I’m not afraid of feedback.

Here’s a quick painting I did of a face.  It’s cheap tempura paint on cheap paper. nice.

I'm a fan of cheap materials.

In real life, it looks pretty sloppy.  But I actually kinda dig the cropped, digital version.  Anyways, the plan is to have a picture of the day (POD for those who are fans of acronyms) most weekdays.  It’s good motivation for me to get drawing.

What is the internet?

December 16, 2010

2 days ago, I learned what a domain was.  That being said, I am clearly not a technology guy and I couldn’t tell you a damn thing about such modern wonders including but not limited to: apps, anything cellular phone related, widgets, spellcheccck, or the automobile.  I recently discovered the true capability of the “tab” key and I also type like this: (makes jerky, zombie-esque movements using only his index fingers).  Call it an unwillingness to accept change, say that I’m  behind on the times.  But I believe that the true culprit is my unparalleled laziness.  I just don’t care enough to keep up with all this new bullshit coming out, just like how I never cared to learn how to type properly in grade school.

While definitely evident in my writing, you can see hints of this in my artwork as well, because as stated previously, I’m the laziest person to ever pick up a pencil and start scribbling.  That combined with the fact that my artwork is completely self-indulgent makes me one big lazy mofo.

Case in point:

lead stick. edited with goddamn PAINT!

I mean really?  Who actually uses paint?  AND the only reason I darken the background digitally is because I’m too lazy to do it in real life.  I’ll leave it at that . . . someone just paged me.