Soo artsy.

December 15, 2010

I am probably one of the laziest people who has ever drawn pictures of naked people in the history of time.  So lazy in fact, that I refuse to spend more than 45 minutes at a time drawing anything. Even if I was attempting to draw 10 people at once all holding a baby in their arms and in the babies’ arms were little baby dumbbells,  if I couldn’t draw it in 45 minutes or less, I wouldn’t draw it.

This took me approximately 4 minutes.

As a consequence of my laziness, it’s rare when I actually do anything really artsy or creative.  Take for instance this website.  A friend and fellow lifter suggested that I do this months ago.  And since then, I’ve been prodded by several of my non-lifter friends to do so as well.  Too lazy.  So I guess what this is really all about is me finally taking initiative and giving myself a reason to be artsy.  Soo artsy.

One Response to “Soo artsy.”

  1. now don’t be too lazy to post more. I love seeing your work.

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