Problem Solving.

December 23, 2010

I recently wrote a post for and expressed my feelings on the importance of problem solving when it comes to Olympic Weightlifting training (You can find it here: For entertainment purposes, I made my main argument that I need stronger legs if I’m going to be a better lifter. This is true. BUT stronger legs does not a lifter make. There are a number of other issues that I’m going to address in the new year, most of which can be most easily seen while comparing myself to those who are better than me.

In my opinion, the best training tool for a lifter is training with people who are better than yourself. That way, you can see firsthand what the differences are between you and them. Unfortunately, my circumstances are such that I am training by myself the majority of the time (NOT an ideal training environment). However, I am constantly comparing myself to superior lifters and have come to a few conclusions:

1) Flexibility. I am always being made fun of because I have big arms (yeah buddy!). But really, they just aren’t that big and there are lots of other lifters with a lot bigger arms than I do who have no problem with their rack position.  If you take a look at a good lifter, they can catch a clean and stand up with it with the bar resting in their palms.  When I clean, my fingers are barely hanging on and sometimes my arms just pop out of position and the bar flies all over the place.  After 6 years of lifting, I couldn’t sit down in a front squat with an empty bar, so when I miss cleans, it is always while racking the bar at the bottom.  Good lifters do not do that.  IF a good lifter misses a clean, it is while standing up out of the hole.  Simple fix.  Front squat more.  But my shoulder girdle is so tight,  that my rack position is just plain shitty.  SO, in the new year: get more aggressive with shoulder flexibility . . .  A LOT more aggressive.  When I have the money, some soft tissue work should help this too.

2)  Front squat (duh!).  I need to be front squatting 230 kilos for triples, plain and simple.

3) Consistent pulls.  When I approach maximal weights some times I feel like I literally FORGET how to set up and pull the bar.  The fix: stop being such a sally and do it right.

If I can improve at least these 3 thing, I’m confident that my numbers will show it.  I’m looking forward to getting more organized with my training and improving my gross flaws.  Heavy volume on the squats starting next week, whachu know ’bout volume!!??.

In other news:  I bought approximately HELLA sketch paper of varying sizes today.  I’m gonna do some next level maneuvers with my art game this year.

In other, other news:  My good buddy passed me the newest Jame Lidell album recently.  It is fucking legit.  Here’s a video of him from Lablogotheque.  This website has videos of live impromptu performances from cool bands and it’s how I heard of this guy.

Oh, and here’s a picture.

Ms. Marvel is so goddamn hot. She's probably in my top 5.

4 Responses to “Problem Solving.”

  1. I like this, a man with a plan… Of course the art part thrills me. You’re so good. I need to get out my paper and create too. Thanks for being inspiring on workouts and art.

  2. Kevo said

    Bro. Sweet site, very pro. I liked your article in 70’s big, but now I feel insecure about my thigh and ass size. Keep it up dude!

  3. Brolliam said

    Working out by yourself sucks, but that’s why I invented dougfit. Posting a workout on someone’s facebook wall has many of the same benefits of working out with that person. Creative collaboration, accountability, and it helps to keep track of when and what you lift. Snape kills dumbledore.

  4. Roxanne said

    I’m a sucker for a woman in tights. I love that she isn’t so skinny and looks like she can kick some ass. Hey!

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