Day 1.

December 27, 2010


Strength is a cruel mistress, one who slaps you in the face with a phone book every time you decide to take a couple weeks off.  I took a pitiful introductory “pre-workout” on Saturday in hopes of softening the blow to my fragile ego.  No luck.  BUT, today is a new day and the start of my new, more (slightly) organized training program.  And since I’m posting my business all over the internet, I may as well use this website as a training tool and post my workouts on it.


-Hang snatch for triples: 50kgx3,70kg,90kg,100kg,110kgxxx (2 out of 3),50kg

-snatch pulls off the blocks x4: 70kg,90kg,110kg,120kgx2

-mobility work and abs.

-caught a tricep pump


-power clean x2, clean and jerk x1: worked up to 130.

-jerks from the rack (front): worked up to 130

-mobility work/experimented with different rack positions, eventually started doing rack holds with 190kg.

-caught another tricep pump

Here’s the POD, it’s another of an older gentleman.

whachu know 'bout lead sticks??!!

In other news . . .


chicken n' stuffing

Here’s how the conversation went:

“So do you want gravy on your stuffing?”

“umm . . . yeah.”

“And do you want gravy on your chicken as well?”


4 Responses to “Day 1.”

  1. Dece post, bro. I got up to 130 clean today. Still experiencing neuro-fatigue from the 140 pr. I did 5 sets of 3 front squats at 130 plus caught a bicep pump. How long does it take to recover from “silent” fatigue due to max effort oly? And am I hurting my recovery by lifting to failure in the meantime?

  2. bclaridad said

    The answer to the “silent” fatigue question will vary depending on who you ask but I personally feel fine after 3-5 of a max effort Snatch/clean and jerk session. Some lifters resume training the next day after a meet doing power/hang movements, squats, etc. And as to the lifting to failure question, are you talking about just catching a bicep pump? If so, than no. The only thing that hurts is the sleeves on your baby blue polo shirt.

  3. Television said

    Breaks are a motherfucker to come back from. I hate doing it and always take it easy for at least 2-3 sessions.

    I hope you’ve been stretching those shoulders mate, nothing to it but to do it.

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