So Adapted.

January 6, 2011

Will and myself have started describing ourselves in terms of more or less “adapted” when referring to over-training or anything training related.  We try to throw it in a conversation when it makes the least amount of sense.


“Bro, that 7th set was difficult.”

“Yeah, but you’ll be so adapted for the next 3 sets!”

“you’re right.  So Bulgarian.”


Today is 5x5s at 140kgs.  Feeling so adapted from both of those workouts yesterday.

Don't talk to me. Squatting.

4 Responses to “So Adapted.”

  1. Max said

    you’ve inspired me to get adapted for front squats today

    btw nice nikes in the videos the other day haha

  2. That’s funny stuff. We use the word “Bulgarian” as an adjective in my club, too. In fact, we even shorten it.

    “Intense squats, man! Very Bulg!”

    The long term goal, of course, is to be sponsored by Bulg-Cola (TM) brand soda pop. The worlds only carbonated chicken-shake. 🙂

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