Next Level Oats.

January 7, 2011

I don’t trust anyone who tells me not to eat oatmeal and neither should you.  I’m not saying that I’m a nutrition expert.  What I am saying is that strong, athletic people eat carbohydrates and if you want to be strong and athletic, you will too.  Carbohydrate watching nonsense is for weight loss and weight maintenance, not for athletic performance.  Now obviously, I’m not the picture of perfect physique,  but thats probably because of the biscuits, eggs, sausage, French toast, and gravy that I ate this morning.   I’m a big guy because I eat big on the regular.  And I’ll be damn surprised if steel cut oats is going to be the thing that kills me.

Get your fiber on.

Next level Oats:

-2 cups steel cut oats

-8 cups water

-dash of salt and nutmeg

-as much of the following as you want: local honey, brown sugar, skinned and diced apple, banana, etc.

-Directions: Boil water.  Add oats.  Reduce heat.  Let thicken.  Add other stuff.  Done.

-serves one big person 3 or 4 times.

-You can freestyle and add milk, maple syrup or whatever as you reheat.

Also, here’s the picture of the day.

His name is Longbeard. He’s a character from a children’s book that I’m working on.


Clean and Jerks: worked up 1 4×1 at 125kg.

snatch balance: x3 up10 130

push press: 90kg 5×3

got swolle: 1 arm stuff including TGU’s, windmills, presses.  Torso work.


May hit a few hang snatches tonight.  I’m getting focused for my best set of 5 front squat for tomorrow.  Aiming for 170-175kg.

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