Top 5.

January 14, 2011

Top 5 most overused/frustrating fitness terms of 2010.

1) functional. (This has become a catch-all term used to illustrate how much better an exercise is than those similar to it.  “Oh, but it’s more functional.”)

2) metabolic.  (Ambiguous. Used to describe extremely normal conditioning workouts)

3) power output.  (Makes trainers sound more “sciency” which people like nowadays.)

4) core. (Ambiguous. Open up an academic anatomy book and try to locate your core.)

5) elite. (If everyone is special, than no one is special. I will be the 1st one to say that I’m just not that special.)

To Illustrate my distaste for these words, I try to say them as much as possible when least appropriate (which basically makes me an asshole).  It is best to try to link as many of them together as you can.


“Bro, those heaving bicep curls I just did are twice as functional because with the extra hip thrust, I could better engage my core, thus increasing my power output.”

“Bro, that’s so elite.”

You can even freestyle and mix and match the beginnings and ends of the words to create even smarter fitness terms.


“functional power output.”

“funabolic or powerbolic”


Cleans x2: worked up to 152kg. and then took a few downsets.  Felt surprisingly good after those god awful 5×5 front squats at 150 yesterday.

-I then proceeded to get huge on some chin-ups, lat pull downs and some funabolic core exercises


-Snatch deadlifts: 3×3 at 140

-More pull-ups, chin-ups and other nonsense

No sketches today.  Not enough time in the day.

2 Responses to “Top 5.”

  1. Tsypkin said

    Love this post. Interesting music choice in the background of the video, Ben.

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