School of Champions.

January 25, 2011

The 1st time I ever saw School of Champions was when I traveled to San Ramon to train with the California Strength guys.  We were taking a break between lifting sessions and Jon wanted me to see it.  “We only watch one movie around here, bro.”  (This wasn’t completely true, because he had to take Gone in 60 Seconds out of the DVD player before we could begin watching.)  It begins, fittingly so, at an international weightlifting meet, setting the scene as the Bulgarians sweep the competition.  But the really interesting stuff happens later, when we get to see the brutal training that this team must endure.

Anyways, Last week a local coach walked into Midtown Strength and Conditioning and dropped off his vast collection of weightlifting videos (and I do mean VIDEOS) for us to watch as we train.  You can imagine my delight after diving into the cardboard box and finding this particular gem along with approximately HELLA Ironmind vids, world championships, and Olympics all on VHS.

Here’s a link to School of Champions streamed online.  I’ve watched it twice today . . . on VHS, suckuh!

Here’s a couple sketches I drew of Ivan Abadjeiv.  Totally doesn’t look like him.  Whatever.

Get adapted.

Get "3rd world yoked."


-Power Snatch-kept it light because I was feeling shitty.  Hit like 5 or so singles at 90kg.

-Power clean and jerk-took it up to 140kg. for a couple singles, which is surprising because of how shitty I was feeling.

-Jerked 170kg. from the rack just for funzies.

I think I’m coming down with the flu or something, which is comical because at 1st I thought it was overtraining.  I was like, “Ben, you foool!!!”  But no, its just the flu.  If I feel worse tomorrow, I may need to take the rest of the week off. Maybe.

ALSO.  Check out the new shirt on! Why? Cuz I drew that sheeeiit.  Whachu know ’bout advertising!!??

2 Responses to “School of Champions.”

  1. theo said

    best shirt to date dude

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