Ocarina of Front Squats.

January 28, 2011

As I laid there on the couch, shivering, slipping in and out of fitful sleep, overcome by fever, I reflected on the series of disappointments that this week shaped up to be.  This week was to be week 2 of my heavy 5×5 weeks for my Front Squat routine.  I was also planning on competing in a local meet this weekend, the Friendly City Open, in Sonoma.  But having come down with a 103 degree fever on Tuesday, I knew this would be impossible as I could barely move.  My appetite went down to essentially nothing.  I’ve been surviving on soup and orange juice.  It is no surprise that I woke up at a pitiful 227lbs today and could barely stomach the steak salad that I had 4 hours ago.

So, after e-mailing my professors, bosses and clients the news of my plague, I did what any kid does when he’s home sick: play Legend of Zelda.  About 16 hours into the game, I realized something:  Link’s got it all figured out.  He carries with him a deep, unwavering sense of purpose.  Link is hacked at, shot at, burned, smashed, tricked, bitten, etc. but despite all this continues his quest no matter what.  I realized that I gotta play weightlifting like I play Zelda.

(The true nerds will recognize this song from a movie.)

Link faces disappointments on the regular.  When he gets knocked down, he get’s back on his feet, drinks some Lon Lon milk and gets back in the fight.  Because it’s never game over until you get frustrated and throw your controller at the console. Boom.  Video game analogies.  Fuckin’ smart.

That being said, I’m going to drive over to the gym and max clean and jerk 60kg.


HA! Didn’t even make it to 60.  But I did snatch the piss out of 50.

One Response to “Ocarina of Front Squats.”

  1. Hot damn, I love me some Zelda!

    Also, you know the line, “there’s never a day you can’t lift the bar.” I’ve tried to prove that theory wrong … but to no avail.

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