PR Back Squat.

February 28, 2011

This weekend’s training session at Cal Strength went well.  I smoked a 140kg. snatch like it was cake batter, had a few close misses at 145 and took a few downsets.  Glenn helped me re-work some of my clean technique, no notable lifts were made, but it feels a lot better.  Also finished up with a 180kg. Front squat.

Today AM:

Snatch: these felt as slow as molasses today.  Hit a 120, missed a 130 and moved on.

Clean and jerks: after stretching out my shoulders for about a 1/2 hour I was able to widen out my stance and my grip significantly.  The start from the ground feels a lot more comfortable and powerful.  Again, no notable weights were lifted, but I am very confident that a decent total is in the works.

Squats:  Hit a 220 and it felt easy.  Decided to go to 232.5 which is a PR for me.

Well on my way to a 240.  Boom.

New Program

February 25, 2011

I’ve designed a new ultra functional training program.

Should help me snatch 150


Snatches and clean and jerks: body is starting to feel worse.  Weights are getting lighter but feel heavier.  It is to be expected.  I left the gym, went to Cassidy’s and ordered my usual:  The country breakfast with extra eggs.  That’s 4 eggs, 2 sausage patties, and biscuits all drenched in gravy.  I’m aiming for about 10 hours of sleep tonight as well.  Upon rising, I’ll put down some more pancakes and eggs and be on my way to Cal Strength.  Boom.


Not sure if it’s gonna happen, broskie.

Let the Wookie win.

February 24, 2011

About a week ago, myself and another lifting buddy thought it would be funny to mix pre-workout with redbull.  (I would NOT recommend this and honestly my favorite pre-workout is a cup of coffee or a few shots of espresso).  I dubbed the concoction “unicorn blood.”  After about 2 hours of unicorn blood references the joke evolved to where we believed that elite lifters only took supplements synthesized from fictional or fairytale creatures.

My current stack is as follows:

-Centar hooves

-Griffin beak

-Sarlacc (only the tentacles, the rest is useless)

-Lon Lon Milk (it refills 5 heart containers)

-mermaid oil (washed down with a tall glass of ambrosia).

Smoked wookie is also a staple in my diet.


Yesterday AM

Snatch: hit a decent 140.

Clean and jerk: 140.  Shut up.

Squat: 210.


Clean Pulls: 150 4×3

Push press: Light mostly for mobility

Today PM

Power snatch and Power cleans.  Not too exciting.

Hustle’n Papes.

February 22, 2011


Power snatch and power cleans.  Nothing exciting.

I finally got started on some sketches.  Here’s one of a few that I’m going to be doing for Jacob and my friends at CF Monterey.  Jacob came at me with a great idea and I’m rollin’ with it.  Dog.


Oh, and if ya’ll didn’t already know.  I draw for money.  That’s right.  I hustle papes, G.  I know, all you really see is sketches and doodles on this site.  But every once in a blue moon I’ll do some serious shit.


February 21, 2011

Last friday I clean and jerked a rainbow (slang for 160) and then proceeded to perform an over-the-top yelling celebration.  That same day, Spencer of Cal Strength SNATCHES a rainbow and has an even more over the top celebration which once again makes me the asshole.  As Glenn says, “there’s no substitute for badassitude.”


Snatch:  took it up to 130, jumped straight to 140 and had a few close misses.  Played around at 25 and 30 for a while, then hit a solid 135.

Clean and jerk:  Cleaned 160 and missed the jerk.  Had a few attempts at 65.

Forearm curls.  Boom.  I’ve begun to refer to forearm curls as doing “core.”


SQUATS!:  I caught the squat bug again.  Took it up to a nice and easy single at 210kg.  I know what you’re thinking, “Bro.  What’s the deal? 210? For 1?  What are you a Sally?”  Take it easy, bro.  I’ll work my way up.  I just wanted some good looking reps today.  Bigger weights in due time.

Box jumps:  Some guys were doing standing box jumps in the gym today.  And as we all know, box jumps are the pissing contest of any weight room.  Hit a standing 44 inches cold then as nonchalantly as possible drank my protein shake.  Recon’ I can hit a solid standing 50 on fresh legs.

Heavy Duty.

February 18, 2011

About a month ago, Camilo made the mistake of saying the words, “heavy duty” within earshot of my lifting platform.  In about 2 hours time, I had managed to say “heavy duty!” in various situations probably around 60 some odd times.  Everything I did could be related back to my newfound ideal of “heavy duty, bro!”  Such memorable combinations included:


“It’s just heavy duty, all day!”

“That’s how it is, just heavy duty comin’ hot off tha blocks.”

Over and over again.

2 weeks had past.  I had been saying, “heavy duty” as my new favorite catch phrase pretty consistently during our morning workouts.  Camilo calls me into his office and surprises me with this:

All day.

Apparently before heavy duty became my catchphrase of choice, it was a very real training method designed by the great Mike Mentzer.  When Camilo ordered the shirts, he purchased the books as well (which I have yet to read, but not because I don’t know how.)


-Snatch: actually had some trouble at 130 today.  Eventually started to come around and I hit a 35 and a few misses at 40.  Let it be known that I believe myself to be the 1st person to ever “clark” from the hang.  “Hang clark.” Boom.

-Clean and jerk: Actually hit some dece lifts today.  Finally hit a nice 160.  Not a PR but comforting nonetheless.

-Squats:  At the advice of some of my other lifting buddies, I’ve decided to not squat or do double sessions today to save my legs for tomorrow.  Probably a good idea.


Finally going to get some drawing time in.

In other news, I’m going to make a concentrated effort to try to get some drawing time in within the next 2 weeks.  Max effort pen and ink.

I dig this album.

Mashed Potatoes.

February 14, 2011

My CNS feels like mashed potatoes.  My body feels like a crumpled up soda can.  Holler atchyer boy if you feel me.

Inverted colors because I'm so fucking artsy.

This is Conan the Barbarian.  He doesn’t have a CNS.  But if he did, it would be made of fucking Steel.


-Snatch: despite feeling like absolute garbage, I was able to put together some pretty dece snatches which is comforting.  Worked up to 120, then went down.  Worked up to 130 for like 3 or 4 singles, then went down.  Then I finally went up to 110 again but without straps.

-Clean and Jerk: my clean is finally starting to come around.  Worked up to a very very heavy 150, which really isn’t that significant, but at least it LOOKED better.

-F. Squats:  Once again, Ben misses another squat day.  What can I say, bro.  Shit got hot and my body feels like it’s been beaten with bamboo sticks.


Are you fucking kidding me?

Heavy Day.

February 12, 2011

Attempting a heavy day at Cal Strength.  I’ll let y’all know how I do.


Sorry! No PRs! No video!

Snatch:  worked up to a nice 140.  Missed 3 or 4 times at 45.  went back down and took 100, 120, 130, 140 and then took a couple cracks at 150 and missed of course.

Clean and jerk: these looked fucking disgusting.  I’ll be addressing my poor cleans later this week.


The Great Chalk Bag Smuggle.

February 10, 2011

Thursday Evening, time to power snatch and power clean and jerk.  Both of the gyms that I currently work/hang out at will either be closed or empty by the time I mobilize.  And me being the Olympic weightlifting social butterfly that I am, I think the best option is to head down to bro nation and bro out.  Might even bring an ipod and strap it to my bicep as to not draw attention to myself.


Power snatch: Hit 110 solid.  Hit 120 but might have passed parallel which looked like a good stopping point.

Power clean and jerk: hit 130 a couple times without too much effort.  Took a 140 that looked like shit and decided to call it a day.  The real struggle should be saved for tomorrow and Saturday as I plan on visiting the guys at Cal Strength for another session.

LCD Soundsystem.  This was one of my favorite albums of 2010.

Also.  Check out how fast these snatches are.

Got Randy Strossen in the house with the commentary.  That’s how you KNOW some serious shit is going on.

Son of a Gun.

February 7, 2011

So yeah, I had me some fun over at California Strength this weekend.  All the guys down there are super competitive, which makes for a really fun and productive lifting environment.  I took up my snatches expecting to hit somewhere between 30 and 35 because that would be the most I’ve done in the last couple months, ended up getting into a fight with 145 and eventually sneaking away with 147kg. which is a 2kg. PR. (Someone suggested that I take 46 but I couldn’t find any .5kg plates.)

If you look at the video, pay attention to how much my arms start to bend when the weight starts to get heavy.  (try not to focus too much on my forearms AKA: arm penises, I know that they’re distracting).  This leads to the bar drifting away, not finishing my pull, my weight starting to shift forward, and me missing a perfectly reasonable weight.  Glenn gave me a few ques and after another miss or so, I finally made a PR after a few months of stagnant lifting.

My clean and jerks, on the other hand, didn’t work out quite as well.  It is really no secret that my major flaw is my dogshit clean which more often than not leads to a dogshit jerk.  Glenn gave me a few pointers and a few things for me to work on for when I’m by myself.  My main problem seems to stem from just a very poor rack position and my torso caving a bit at the bottom of the hole.  If  You have a similar problem, let me know.  We can cry about it together.

Here’s the footage from this weekend.  I would recommend watching Glenn’s daily videos that he posts if nothing else for the entertainment value.  They’re like Ironmind videos with funny antics and commentary.


Snatch: worked up to a few misses at 140.  Went back down to a hundo, hit a few doubles and worked back up to a solid 135.  Went back down again to 110 and hit a triple hang snatch.

Front Squat:  3×3 at 160kg.  Felt pretty difficult today.


Clean and Jerks: double clean, single jerk up to 140, clean and jerk 150, missed 60, took it back to 30, then 140 and 50.