Heavy Duty.

February 18, 2011

About a month ago, Camilo made the mistake of saying the words, “heavy duty” within earshot of my lifting platform.  In about 2 hours time, I had managed to say “heavy duty!” in various situations probably around 60 some odd times.  Everything I did could be related back to my newfound ideal of “heavy duty, bro!”  Such memorable combinations included:


“It’s just heavy duty, all day!”

“That’s how it is, just heavy duty comin’ hot off tha blocks.”

Over and over again.

2 weeks had past.  I had been saying, “heavy duty” as my new favorite catch phrase pretty consistently during our morning workouts.  Camilo calls me into his office and surprises me with this:

All day.

Apparently before heavy duty became my catchphrase of choice, it was a very real training method designed by the great Mike Mentzer.  When Camilo ordered the shirts, he purchased the books as well (which I have yet to read, but not because I don’t know how.)


-Snatch: actually had some trouble at 130 today.  Eventually started to come around and I hit a 35 and a few misses at 40.  Let it be known that I believe myself to be the 1st person to ever “clark” from the hang.  “Hang clark.” Boom.

-Clean and jerk: Actually hit some dece lifts today.  Finally hit a nice 160.  Not a PR but comforting nonetheless.

-Squats:  At the advice of some of my other lifting buddies, I’ve decided to not squat or do double sessions today to save my legs for tomorrow.  Probably a good idea.


Finally going to get some drawing time in.

In other news, I’m going to make a concentrated effort to try to get some drawing time in within the next 2 weeks.  Max effort pen and ink.

I dig this album.

3 Responses to “Heavy Duty.”

  1. crossfitmonterey said

    Ben, I think I’m falling in Brove with you.

  2. “Heavy Duty” was what I clogged my gym’s toilet with after the cheese-skirt steak tacos from Squeeze Inn.
    Roll by this weekend or sometime next week. We’ll lift some heavy shit.

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