February 21, 2011

Last friday I clean and jerked a rainbow (slang for 160) and then proceeded to perform an over-the-top yelling celebration.  That same day, Spencer of Cal Strength SNATCHES a rainbow and has an even more over the top celebration which once again makes me the asshole.  As Glenn says, “there’s no substitute for badassitude.”


Snatch:  took it up to 130, jumped straight to 140 and had a few close misses.  Played around at 25 and 30 for a while, then hit a solid 135.

Clean and jerk:  Cleaned 160 and missed the jerk.  Had a few attempts at 65.

Forearm curls.  Boom.  I’ve begun to refer to forearm curls as doing “core.”


SQUATS!:  I caught the squat bug again.  Took it up to a nice and easy single at 210kg.  I know what you’re thinking, “Bro.  What’s the deal? 210? For 1?  What are you a Sally?”  Take it easy, bro.  I’ll work my way up.  I just wanted some good looking reps today.  Bigger weights in due time.

Box jumps:  Some guys were doing standing box jumps in the gym today.  And as we all know, box jumps are the pissing contest of any weight room.  Hit a standing 44 inches cold then as nonchalantly as possible drank my protein shake.  Recon’ I can hit a solid standing 50 on fresh legs.

One Response to “Badassittude.”

  1. I can hit a solid 12 incher! Wimpassitude!

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