PR Back Squat.

February 28, 2011

This weekend’s training session at Cal Strength went well.  I smoked a 140kg. snatch like it was cake batter, had a few close misses at 145 and took a few downsets.  Glenn helped me re-work some of my clean technique, no notable lifts were made, but it feels a lot better.  Also finished up with a 180kg. Front squat.

Today AM:

Snatch: these felt as slow as molasses today.  Hit a 120, missed a 130 and moved on.

Clean and jerks: after stretching out my shoulders for about a 1/2 hour I was able to widen out my stance and my grip significantly.  The start from the ground feels a lot more comfortable and powerful.  Again, no notable weights were lifted, but I am very confident that a decent total is in the works.

Squats:  Hit a 220 and it felt easy.  Decided to go to 232.5 which is a PR for me.

Well on my way to a 240.  Boom.

One Response to “PR Back Squat.”

  1. will said

    if you can squat it, then you can snatch it.

    “Ben Claridad
    232.5kg snatch”

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