Cardigan Sweater.

March 8, 2011

OK, so I’m not trying to get all cardigan sweater on you guys, but this IS a blog which is essentially an online journal, which essentially makes me kind of a weirdo, which essentially makes all of you just as weird for reading it.  So enjoy, weirdo.

I have said this on more than one occasion.  I am not weightlifting.  Weightlifting is only the primary avenue from which I express my physical nature.  And like it or not, there is going to come a time when weightlifting will no longer make me happy the way it used to.  Joints will ache, bones will grow brittle, and my body will no longer be able to perform the movement patterns (at least to the degree that I can now) that I’ve spent years practicing and having fun performing.  Weightlifting is always going to be a part of my life, just like art and music will be, but not necessarily the way that I imagined it years ago when I was young.

You see, whenever you begin an activity, and the activity becomes less an activity and more of a way of defining yourself, you start the process inherent in all such pursuits, the process of eventually being forced to define yourself by different parameters.  Back in high school, I carried with me a sketch pad and pencil and my guitar (I was in a sweet ass high-school cover band, King Flowers and the Funky Fresh).  Oh, and I also did dumbbell flys and tricep extensions like every day.  But the point is, I defined myself by all my pursuits.  To me, I was always going to play guitar and draw pictures and do 21’s in the squat rack.  Years passed and I got older and I eventually had to find different means of expression.

Here’s my point: I am never going to go around saying that I am “this, I am not that” because all that does is alienate one’s self.  Once you begin to separate yourself from others because they are participants in other life pursuits, you lose out on valuable information and possible friendships.  I don’t do Crossfit (or general strength and conditioning) or powerlifting because I simply seek a different adaptation.  Does that mean that these other like-minded groups have nothing to offer? Absolutely not.  In fact, I wish I had the time to pursue all of my other interests as intensely as I have pursued weightlifting.  But like I said earlier, there’s going to come a time when I’ll have to.

Donny Thompson and I were discussing this.

Just to give you a frame of reference, I’m pushing 240 and Donny makes me look like a fucking infant.


Snatch: hit 130 for 3 singles.

C&J: “onefidy”.  Missed the jerk.

Stretched and shoulder mobility: learned some interesting things about kettlebells that could assist in my rack position.  Oh and I also saw “Super D” squat like 12 hundo.

5 Responses to “Cardigan Sweater.”

  1. just fantastic, the whole thing.

  2. I have a cardigan sweater that I really like. It’s got paisleys. But I picked up a bunch of barbells and ate lots of food. Then it got kind of small, and it feels funny if I wear it.

    • bclaridad said

      Yeah dude, I’ve got like 3. Every once in a few months, I’ll put one on, then before I leave,I’ll take a quick look in the mirror, shake my head, and take it off. They just make me look awkward.

  3. The Wolfman said

    Respect, bro.

  4. Television said

    That man is not a small man.

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