John Wayne

March 14, 2011

After another very fruitful and enlightening weekend at California Strength, I write to you now as a certified USAW Level 1 coach (well, hopefully. I receive my results in the mail in a week or so.) With more tools at my disposal than ever before, my confidence grows, even as my body feels like its disintegrating slowly. After I took my snatches up this weekend, a girl told me that I walk around like I just got off a horse and then began referring to me as “John Wayne.” If you could have seen the big scene I made this morning, insisting that someone wheelchair me over to the loaded bar so that I could take another attempt, I’m sure that most grown men would’ve shook their head. John Wayne I am not. However, my technique grows more and more consistent with each session. Once I get my muscles back, I’m sure that I’ll be able to put together a decent total for Collegiates. Excited. Tired. But very excited.


Snatch: Took it up to a nice and easy 130. No wheelchair required.
Clean & Jerk: 140. Miss at 150.

I’ll come back later today with cowboy hat tipped downward and 6 shooters loaded (figuratively. The only gun’s I’m actually licensed to carry are my forearms).


Snatch: easy 130. Miss at 137.

Clean and Jerk: Made 140. Missed 150. Decided to nut up and work up on doubles. 120, 130, 140. Then I made that 150.

3 Responses to “John Wayne”

  1. Daniel said

    I liked this website as soon as I saw the new fleet foxes song posted and talk of playing legend of zelda ocarina of time on sick days.
    Id like to know how much you charge for coaching.

    I live in Stockton, Ca (not sure where you are from, but ca strength is an hour and change west of me) and am currently a couple months into starting strength, but with bb rows in place of power cleans since I dont know how to do them. Id like to learn power cleans and eventually the full oly lifts once my begginer gains are milked. I just built a platform im my garage and got a sweet deal on bumpers.

  2. William Dotterweich said

    it appears youre getting stronger.

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