March 16, 2011

No post yesterday because I was either at school, working, or working out until about 9PM. At about 9:30 I got home to write something and realized that I had no thoughts. None whatsoever.

Yesterday PM:
Power snatch: My knees felt like they were going to explode even when catching in the power position I took it to 110, then called it.
Power Clean & Jerk: I worked all the way up to 130 doing 2x clean, 1x jerk. The last time I did this (which was a few months ago) I only went up to 120. Soo . . . PR? Then took a swing and a miss at 140.

Here’s what my set at 130 looked like. (Just imagine this but with 1 less clean and 20kg more.)

Pretty sure that was 110. It’s hard to tell with those big bumper plates.

Today AM:
Snatch: I went x2’s today (1 from the ground, 1 from the hang). Got all the way up to 120. Took 3 tries at 130 but missed the 2nd one on all 3.

Clean and Jerk: 2x clean, 1x jerk. Went all the way up to 140 no problem. I would upload the video, but there’s already way too many videos of me on youtube, lifting mediocre weights (unless any of you actually want to see it). Took a few misses at 150 and decided it was time to take my break.

Then I ate:


Snatch: Hit 130. Swing and a miss at 140.

Clean and jerk: hit 150 (and it didn’t look half bad). Missed 60.

Squat: 190 for a single.

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