Serious Face.

March 23, 2011

Alright, enough bullshitting.  Collegiates are coming up, so for the next couple weeks, I’ll be outlining my meet preparation and strategies.  I think that it will help to keep me accountable and will hopefully be helpful to you, the reader if you are just starting out, without a coach, without a clue, etc.  That being said, I’ve been lifting for a number of years and am basically coaching myself, so my meet preparation will look a bit differently than yours if you’re a novice lifter.  Just take note of the general changes I’m making and ask yourself how that could apply to your situation.

As I stated before, this week will for the most part be a “lighter” week.  That will mostly be pertaining to the volume as well as a couple of other changes.  During a usual practice session, I’ll take up my lifts to a single until I start missing and then go up and down in weights until I’m satisfied with my technique.  For this week and next week, I’ll be more organized with my routine.  Go up to a single once only, hit a weight, and then take about 30% off and do a few more singles.  This will decrease the wear and tear that my body takes and will raise the pressure of making attempts as well.

More focus will also be put into putting together a total for the day, instead of going as heavy as I can in both lifts.  This shift in focus will mirror my competition mindset more closely and will again raise the pressure in making attempts.  The “30kg. rule” will also be enforced.  This means that I’ll have to clean and jerk 30kg. (+,-5kg.) more than I snatch in a given session.  For instance, I snatched 120 (then took a few singles at 100) and then clean and jerked 150 this morning.  This again will get me more towards competition mode where putting together a total is the name of the game.

The last change in training will be of my organization between the AM and PM workouts.  Along with the 30kg. rule will be the 10kg. rule, which basically means that I’ll be aiming for 10kg. more in the afternoon than I do in the morning.  This will force me to keep a cool head and try to make all my lifts technically sound in the morning instead of going apeshit and missing needless weights.  The intensity is raised in the afternoon, when my technique is more solid and I’m more physiologically prepared to handle heavy weights.

As far as bodyweight is concerned, I stripped down and weighed myself after my AM workout; 232, right on the money.  This is comforting for two reasons: 1) because now I won’t have to worry too much about dieting down the night before lift day and 2) because that lets me know that I can basically eat as much as I want and not do any cardio and still maintain a decent bodyweight.  Fuck yeah.


After properly eating, ice cupping, wrapping in compression bandages, and resting after my 1st workout, I was beginning to feel more athletic coming into the gym this afternoon.  Smoked a 130 snatch, hit a few singles at a hundo and moved on.  Clean and jerks were feeling better as well, but (like and idiot) I decided to bump from 150 to 160 instead of taking a more strategic jump to 55 or 57.  I missed 60, bumped back down to hit a few singles and called it a day.  I ended the day with a meager 280kg. total, BUT 290 is around the corner, most likely Friday or Saturday.

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