Party Boy.

March 28, 2011

Art imitates life.  So does weightlifting.  Example: Earlier this week, you and your buddies decided to go hit the dance floor at your nearest indie/electro dance party this Friday night.  Your training partners have since been subjected to you practicing your trademark “Wyatt Earp, mothafuckah!  Six shooters blazin’ towards the sky!” dance move for the past 3 days and are fast growing tired of you slow-mo shooting your imaginary pistols at them.  Friday night finally rolls around and you have just finished your obligatory pre-pump (accomplished remarkably fast, due to your knowledge of ancient Benbata techniques).  You throw on the V-neck whilst checking your image in the mirror.  And after seducing your mirror self with an intricate display of your six-shooter prowess, you’re out the door and on your way to your buddy’s house.  Wait.  Your buddy’s house?  I thought you were going to da’ club!

Right you are, friend.  We are going to da’ club.  But first, we gather at (insert bro’s name here) house to righteously pre-party, get a designated sober driver, and collectively kick in the front door of said club, six-shooters blazing.  This is my “plan” with weightlifting for the next couple weeks.

To clarify, there is a meet coming up on the 3rd in San Francisco.  This is the pre-party.  You go to said pre-party, get your feet wet, polish off the “ring rust” and boom . . . you are now ready to rage.  A week later, I head to Louisiana for Collegiates.  This is the real party.  Balls to the wall. Six-shooters blazing, PARTY.

The last meet I went to was the American Open and that was way back in December.  I did NOT do well (translation: I didn’t party hearty).  I went 2 for 6, only making my openers.  Training has been going well lately, but that is training.  Competition is something that must be practiced as well or you may find yourself missing weights that you know you’re good for and have made in practice many times before.  So I guess if you take anything from reading this . . .  it’s: Party hard.  Party often.

And speaking of parties . . .

LCD Soundsystem is playing their last show at Madison Square Garden in New York, April 2nd.  The show will be webcast live through  So if you find yourself Saturday night without a party to go to, open up your laptop, crack open a beer, and have a dance party with yourself and all of your friends on the internet.  You can even dance naked; something that would be frowned upon by all those squares living in the real world.


The workout today was a chore to say the least.  Went to abut 80% on both lifts.

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  1. hammo said

    Andrew WK Rawks.

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