April 29, 2011

PM (yesterday)

Snatched 50 and decided it was NOT a good idea to continue.

Power cleans: 130.  Barely.

AM (Today)

Snatch: Jumped straight from 100 to 120×2, 130×2, 120×3.

Clean and jerks:  No belted 150.  I actually won the “Nobelt Peace Prize” for the day as the heaviest weight lifted with no belt.  I have also dubbed it the “NO, NO, NO, NO lift.”  No belt, knee wraps, ibuprofen, or caffeine.

My JR 69kg lifter got some PRs today with a 52kg. snatch, Cleaned 80 but barely missed the jerk.  Great fucking work today.  We’ll both be competing on the 22nd of May.


I kind of felt off yesterday.  More than that I feel disappointed in myself for not clean and jerking 175.

Snatch: Went up to 130.  Took a few attempts at 140, worked my way down and back up.  So frustrating.  I hit 30 for a double that morning.

Clean and jerks:  hit a real nice 160.  Like an idiot, I decided to go straight for 75 and failed.  God. Dammit.


April 27, 2011

Check out the new T-shirts from 70’s big.  AC texted me a pic of his 70’s big face a while back, so I went ahead and sketched it.

Don't make him angry.

I realize that I haven’t done any real artwork in a while, but it can’t be helped.  I’ve still got a few weeks left of school before things get a little bit less hectic for me.  But after that, It’ll be robot Ben mode: Weights.  Art.  Blog.  Repeat.


Yesterday I had a nasty back spasm for about a 1/2 an hour after my power snatches and cleans.  So I found it very convenient that my gym just bought some pulling blocks.


Snatches off the blocks:  worked up to 120 and hit it for a set of 4. (PR?)

Cleans off the blocks:  worked up to a nice single at 160.  (PR?) Took a couple attempts at 65 and barely missed ’em.

Press: 70 for 3×5


I wasn’t pleased with this workout.  I had to take it 2 hours earlier and had to rush through it due to time constraints.  No time for recovery nap or Cassidy’s.  I was off my game.

Snatch: took it up to 130 for 2 singles after needlessly missing it.

Clean and jerk:  150.  Dammit.

April 23, 2011


Bench pressed real light

Power cleaned 90 a few times

RDLs: 3×5 at 140.

Sunday extra credit PM

Lat Pull downs alternated with RACK SUPPORTS.  

Glute-ham raise: 3×12.

Wattup, 170 Clean and Jerk!

If I didn’t freakout like such a spazz, I would’ve made 175 after this.  Rookie move, Ben.  Act like you’ve been there.  Youthful enthusiasm, I suppose.  This IS after over 6 months of stagnant clean and jerks.


Snatch: 130

Clean and Jerk: 140


Snatch: 140

Clean and Jerk: 170 (PR)

Obama/Zombie Comic.

April 19, 2011

Here’s another page from my Obama/Zombie comic that I’ll probably never finish.

Obama. Zombies. Samurai sword.  That's all I'm going to say when I pitch this idea to a studio.

Obama. Zombies. Samurai sword. That's all I'm going to say when I pitch this idea to a studio.


Power snatch:  Attempted 120 and landed it but I think it was slightly below parallel. No PR.

Power clean: took it to 140 and missed.  Worked back up to it from 100 and made it.

Squats: took it up to 210 for a single.  Took a few drop sets as I was unloading the rack.

April 16, 2011


Snatch:  Went to 120, back down to 100, then back up to 130 and missed.

Back Squat: 200×3.

I felt unsatisfied with this, so I’m going to pretend it didn’t happen and that tomorrow is Saturday.  DO OVER!

DO OVER! Workout.  Sunday4/17

Power snatch: hit a solid 115.

Power cleans:  Hit a 130. Swing and a miss at 140.

RDLs: 5×5 at 140.

Press:3×8 at 50.

Kilos on the Platform.

April 12, 2011

I am having a hard time describing what I am feeling.

5 for 6.

Competition PR snatch.

Best total at a national meet.

6th place.

I don’t know.  I feel like I had a good meet.  It’s been a while since I’ve made so many attempts and put together a decent total in the competition setting.  Especially at National meets, I find that I often have a hard time putting lifts together.  But this time was different.

I had months of 2-a-day training sessions under my belt, during which time I had grown comfortable snatching 140+ on a semi-regular basis.  And it seems just within the last 2 weeks, I finally figured out how to clean and jerk properly.  Also, since I had cut down the volume (number of sessions) significantly in preparation for this meet, my body felt like it was 18 again (fuck yeah!).

In other words, I felt really, really confident coming into this meet.  But even still, I wanted to do the smart thing and only call for lifts that I know I can make.  I ended up snatching: 135, 140, 142 and clean and jerking: 155, 160, 165x.  I totally “pre-matured” on the last clean and jerk, meaning that I got way too excited.  So much so that when I actually cleaned the weight, I ended up needlessly fucking up the jerk, much like a sweaty palmed, high school virgin who had gotten the chance to dance with the captain of the cheer-leading squad.  Rookie move, Ben.  You’re too old for that shit.

Here are the videos of my last attempts (courtesy of my friend, Sarah, who got 4th place in the 75s).

That’s how 142 should feel. Hella easy.  Here’s my “high-school moment” clean and jerk. (Turn your computer sideways for this portion.)

Maybe I’m feeling like I left some kilos on the platform.  Maybe this is me finally man-ing up and admitting that I want some fucking medals.  Either way, I feel like the more I improve in this sport, the more competitive it makes me.  And it would be way easier putting so much of myself into this if it gave me something back.  All I know is that I’m good for more.  Way more.

And I’m gonna get me my fucking medals.

I would also like to say congratulations to my friend and teammate, David (otherwise known as Batman), on his 195 clean and jerk.  An American Collegiate record.  Great Job, bro.  I haven’t been that excited while watching a sporting event since the Janet Jackson Super Bowl incident.


Power Snatch: worked up to a set of 3 at 90.  Hit a couple singles at 110.

RDLs: 5×5 at 150.

Press:  50kg. for 3×5.

Light Duty.  Should ramp up to full Heavy Duty mode by next week.

Good Luck Wrist Curls.

April 10, 2011

Heavy Duty.

You can watch HERE.

My session is at 1:30 Louisiana time.

Do a few wrist curls for me.  I will feel your righteous forearm pump all the way from Louisiana.

I went 5 for 6.  Snatched142, clean and jerked 160.  Good meet overall but mixed feelings about it.  I’ll post videos and stuff when I get home.

Airplanes were made for 90’s small people.

A word of advice to any beginning lifters. When you start flying to meets, get there a couple days in advance before you lift, especially if it’s a long flight followed by a long car ride.  If you lift on Sunday, I would recommend leaving Friday.

Oh, and it turns out you can bring creatine powder on an airplane.  Just in case you need to look totally jacked on your travels.


Miss old-school punk music?  Keith Morris has a new band.  OFF!-The First Four EPs was released earlier this year.  I enjoyed it and I’m not really even into that sort of thing.  20 minutes of awesome.

Yup, I’m sick.  I think it’s karma for writing like an asshole.  So the next time I go off on a tangent, I’ll probably start it off by saying, “You know what I love? Talking about weightlifting.”  No matter.  This sickness changes nothing.  I will crush it and then proceed to robustly party on the platform.  Yesterday’s workout was my last day of touching real weights before I leave for Louisiana.  I’ll power snatch and clean tonight like usual.  During my trip, you can expect competition updates (if anything cool happens) and hopefully some video of my lifts.


I am not a politics guy.  Let me repeat that: I am NOT a politics guy.  I have no political agenda and leave the discussion of such things to much better men/women like yourselves.  Plus I find it as boring as I do frustrating.  I would rather pull off a pin to a live grenade and then attempt to swallow it than talk politics.  I would rather brush my teeth with a rusty tuning fork than talk politics.

I would rather:

Build a parachute out of geese feathers, Elmer’s glue and scotch tape.  Then use it.

Spend 2 hours trying to find a parking space.  In Hell.

Physically try to save the rain forests.

Attempt to eat a whole chicken.  While it’s still alive.

Drink a glass of orange juice immediately after brushing my teeth.

Serenade a Lion.

Make macaroni and cheese using only inedible products that you would find in an automobile garage.

Attend a Limp Bizkit reunion tour.

Play 5 finger fillet with Superman.

Play poker with a pre-cog.

There.  I’m done.

But I am an arts guy.  I saw THIS clip the other day and found it interesting since it’s rare that the arts make headlines anymore.  That is all.

P.S.  The person who posts the best “I would rather . . .” wins a prize.


Power snatch and Cleans: Hit 90 and 140 like a boss.