Meet Prep.

April 1, 2011

This SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! I’ll be headed to a local meet in SF. if you’re in the area, I would recommend coming to watch.  There are a couple of heavy hitters that will be lifting in the big boy’s session so it should be exciting.

As far as my involvement, this will be my 1st meet as a coach AND as a lifter.  I don’t anticipate it affecting my performance any as my athlete will be lifting earlier in the day.  Furthermore, this meet is only supposed to be a “pre-party” (as discussed in my “Party Boy” post) in my competition schedule.  the real party is happening in Louisiana the following weekend.  I’ll be heading down there for Collegiate Nationals with the intent to figuratively party like Andrew WK on the platform.  That being said, I NEVER waste an opportunity to possibly PR.  So “if the fire’s hot, I’m going to cook marshmallows.”  My openers will tentatively be 132 and 152.  But you never know, I just may go ape shit and open at 137 and 155.


Who do you think parties harder: Andrew WK or Steve Aoki?

Steve obviously likes to party.

But Andrew takes it to the next level by conducting news interviews.


Light duty.

Saturday AM:

Light Duty.

Sunday PM:

HEAVY DUTY.  (I’ll try to get some dece’ video for you guys.)

One Response to “Meet Prep.”

  1. Rickard said

    Party hard! 😀

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