April 4, 2011

Even in a sport where success is defined by finite parameters, it is at times difficult to evaluate where progress (if any) has been made over the course of a year.  The kilos are a measuring stick but do not provide the whole story.  I find it especially challenging, given the fact that I am doing this whole weightlifting thing by myself (for the most part).  I do not have the luxury of receiving regular feedback or any real assurance that what I am doing is actually right. Second guessing myself has become habit.  And in this sport, it pays to never question one’s self.  Pick a plan and stick to it with great zeal; that is what any good coach will tell you.

Yesterday’s contest was off the chain.  In my session we had 7 guys clean and jerk at or well over 400lbs.  Donny even OPENED at 200kg. Even in national meets that’s a rare occurrence, much less at a local meet at a high school in San Francisco.  My lifter performed well.  As a 69kg junior lifter in her 1st meet, she snatched 51 and Clean & Jerked 73 (she barely missed 78).  I opened at a 135 snatch.  I hit it super easy and called for 140.  I pulled it with ease but didn’t quite turn it over.  I asked for 142, figuring that it would feel exactly the same and would be a meet PR.  I missed it exactly the same.  I opened my Clean & Jerks at 155.  Then hit 160 and missed 65.

I have never cleaned 160 as easily as I did yesterday.  I’ll usually just barely pull it high enough and then sit at the bottom for what seems like 5 seconds if I can even manage to get it racked.  It usually takes me another 10 minutes to stand up out of the hole, barely holding on to the weights by my finger tips and then I pretty much just “anger” the weight above my head.  Basically it looks like it’s my 1st time ever lifting weights.  But I’ve been training.  And I think that I’ve finally figured out how to do it right.

Yes, I am getting stronger.  Yes, my lifts are more technically proficient. And yes, I am on the right track.

Oh and I almost forgot.


That’s right, haters.  Me and Ivan gettin’ drunk at da’ club.  Actually, he probably thought I was the biggest tool on the planet.  But that didn’t stop me from asking to get a photo with him like a gushing school girl who just met one of the Backstreet Boys.

One Response to “Post-Pre-Party-Hangover.”

  1. Daniel said

    Great job, Ben!

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