Kilos on the Platform.

April 12, 2011

I am having a hard time describing what I am feeling.

5 for 6.

Competition PR snatch.

Best total at a national meet.

6th place.

I don’t know.  I feel like I had a good meet.  It’s been a while since I’ve made so many attempts and put together a decent total in the competition setting.  Especially at National meets, I find that I often have a hard time putting lifts together.  But this time was different.

I had months of 2-a-day training sessions under my belt, during which time I had grown comfortable snatching 140+ on a semi-regular basis.  And it seems just within the last 2 weeks, I finally figured out how to clean and jerk properly.  Also, since I had cut down the volume (number of sessions) significantly in preparation for this meet, my body felt like it was 18 again (fuck yeah!).

In other words, I felt really, really confident coming into this meet.  But even still, I wanted to do the smart thing and only call for lifts that I know I can make.  I ended up snatching: 135, 140, 142 and clean and jerking: 155, 160, 165x.  I totally “pre-matured” on the last clean and jerk, meaning that I got way too excited.  So much so that when I actually cleaned the weight, I ended up needlessly fucking up the jerk, much like a sweaty palmed, high school virgin who had gotten the chance to dance with the captain of the cheer-leading squad.  Rookie move, Ben.  You’re too old for that shit.

Here are the videos of my last attempts (courtesy of my friend, Sarah, who got 4th place in the 75s).

That’s how 142 should feel. Hella easy.  Here’s my “high-school moment” clean and jerk. (Turn your computer sideways for this portion.)

Maybe I’m feeling like I left some kilos on the platform.  Maybe this is me finally man-ing up and admitting that I want some fucking medals.  Either way, I feel like the more I improve in this sport, the more competitive it makes me.  And it would be way easier putting so much of myself into this if it gave me something back.  All I know is that I’m good for more.  Way more.

And I’m gonna get me my fucking medals.

I would also like to say congratulations to my friend and teammate, David (otherwise known as Batman), on his 195 clean and jerk.  An American Collegiate record.  Great Job, bro.  I haven’t been that excited while watching a sporting event since the Janet Jackson Super Bowl incident.


Power Snatch: worked up to a set of 3 at 90.  Hit a couple singles at 110.

RDLs: 5×5 at 150.

Press:  50kg. for 3×5.

Light Duty.  Should ramp up to full Heavy Duty mode by next week.

5 Responses to “Kilos on the Platform.”

  1. Brian said

    Congrats on your lifts. Keep it heavy duty and I am sure the medals will come.

  2. biggestfan said

    i’m your biggest fan!

  3. Andrew M said

    Nice work, Ben. I managed the watch the stream and was pumped to see you do well.

    I lifted with you at Cal Strength at the beginning of last month, but I only just found your blog (I forget where, but someone linked it). Nice meeting you and thanks for recommending the gym in Davis, though I wasn’t able to make it their.

  4. Daniel said

    Great job man!

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