Son of a Gun (Part II: the Sequel)

April 22, 2011

Wattup, 170 Clean and Jerk!

If I didn’t freakout like such a spazz, I would’ve made 175 after this.  Rookie move, Ben.  Act like you’ve been there.  Youthful enthusiasm, I suppose.  This IS after over 6 months of stagnant clean and jerks.


Snatch: 130

Clean and Jerk: 140


Snatch: 140

Clean and Jerk: 170 (PR)

5 Responses to “Son of a Gun (Part II: the Sequel)”

  1. Rickard said

    145 looked very close, did it feel that way too?
    Nice C&J at 170! Congrats!

  2. Brian said

    Damn that looks like a great atmosphere. Congrats on 170.

  3. Nice work man! You killed that 170. I’ll definitely be following your blog from now on. I Am glad you told me about it. We struggle in a lot of the same positions on the clean, so I appreciate the tips on the rack position!

    • bclaridad said

      Thanks dude! yeah we definitely do have a lot of the same problems as far as cleans go. That’s what we get for being so jacked. Best of luck getting some squat PR’s in the upcoming weeks, I know that you’re focusing more on squats for the time being, but hopefully by the next time I come down, we’ll be able to train together.

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