May 2, 2011

I lifted this morning like the weights were owed to me.  I took bigger jumps and didn’t even pull up the knee wraps until my maximal attempts.  That’s what I need more of: less hesitation, more confidence, more swag.


Snatch:  took it up to a pretty dece’ 135.

Clean and jerks:  Jumped from 100 to 130.  130 to 150.  Pulled up my knee wraps and put on a belt and hit a nice 160.  Then I started thinking again.  Loaded 167 but knew I wouldn’t get it before I even pulled it off the floor.

If you look back about a month ago, morning practices did NOT look like this.  I would have to work my ass off to barely get a 150 clean and a 295 total was a rare occurrence.


Had less rest between sessions today.  Irregardless, I still had a pretty solid session.

Snatch:  took it up to 130.  Missed 140.  Worked back up from 100 and did a set of 4 at 130.  Observe.

Clean and jerks:  I had limited time and was a little smoked after my snatches but worked up to 160 again.  Cleaned it but missed the jerk.

Congrats to my 2 lifters who, between the 2 of them, walked away with more PRs in one day than I’ve seen in the last 2 years.

Speaking of swag, peep this track.  It will make you feel sexy, I guarantee it.

4 Responses to “Swag.”

  1. Penn said

    Nice Hang Snatches. Some vid is up of Jon North doing 135X5. Surely you could get up to that sometime soon.

    How often do you Squat? Saw the last squat you did was only 180. Thought you where on a mission to Squat big..

  2. bclaridad said

    I squat as often as I can given the amount of snatches and cleans that I’m doing. Later in the year, the importance shifts from building strength to being able to put together lifts, which I would say that I’m doing a pretty good job at. The squats will come. My goal is 250 BS this year.

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