May 3, 2011

Kind of a bland workout today, but worth noting because I deviated outside of my normal power snatch/clean routine.  I decided NOT to power snatch because it hurt my knees too much to even have them flexed in my starting position.  My start position for my cleans is a little higher and hurts less.  It took about 45 minutes of mobility work before I felt ready enough to lift weights.


Mobility: after unlocking my legs and back, I spent about 15 minutes on a new shoulder mobility drill that I invented for the rack position.  It’s pretty freakin’ sweet and I’ll post some video of it on a later date.

Power cleans: worked up to 130.  bitched out at 40.

Goodmornings with a rounded bar suspended from chains:  Say whaaaaat??

Truthfully, I just felt like I couldn’t snatch.  And on some days, it’s best not to force it or I probably would have ended up on the floor (like last week.)  I’ve started to include a little bit more hamstring work for pain management purposes.  I’ll try to get some video of this particular exercise at some point (or you could look up some of the Super Training vids, they do them all the time.)  I perform it Olympic style with my regular narrow stance, initiating at what best mirrors the beginning of the 2nd pull (where the bar is right below your knee cap.)

glute-ham raises: 3×10

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