PR Party.

May 6, 2011


I went lighter this morning because I’m going to PR in something tonight.

Snatch: 50, 70, 100, 120.  I took 120 for 4 singles.

Clean and Jerk:  Worked up to 140.  The jerks gave me more trouble than usual.  I took it like 4 or 5 times, missing a couple jerks.  No belt.


Snatch:  worked up to 130.  Had a Mega Clark at 140.

Clean and Jerks:  Worked up to 165.  Missed.  Went to 167.5 and cleaned it but missed the jerk.  I knew my jerks weren’t there but I still wanted the clean.  Loaded 175 and went for it.

Squats:  I was super pumped from that clean and my legs still felt great, so I decided to squat today instead of tomorrow.  Went from 220 to 240 for the win.

5 Responses to “PR Party.”

  1. Daniel said

    Holy fucking shit dude. This is the greatest thing I’ve seen in a long time. The force is strong in this one.

  2. FYI, these videos are clutch as fuck. The music in both is fucking perfect.

  3. Jesse said

    Bad Ass dude! Congrats on the PRs.

  4. Terri with a heart over the "i" said

    That squat was “pimp tight,” to use the parlance of our times.

  5. bclaridad said

    Thanks, all! I appreciate all the positive feedback. I’ll do my best to keep ya’ll entertained with more PRs.

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