Super Love Jam.

May 9, 2011

I’m the type of person who (when given any semblance of free time) will assign himself creative projects to work on.  These can be as simple as ideas for drawings or songs or more elaborate plans such as scheduling some time for figure drawing sessions or attempting to make a concept album.  I had an all too brief run as a rapper/producer in a Star Wars themed hip-hop outfit comprised of myself and my friends named, “Def Star.”  I went by many aliases, including: Biggie B, Obi 1, and SeeMinus (C- is the grade that I would hope to achieve in my prerequisite science classes).  Other, slightly less ridiculous projects included my idea to make an Obama/Zombie/Samurai comic.  This one I actually stuck with for quite some time and even managed to knock out about 8 pages worth of artwork.  The project was picking up steam until I realized that I probably should have solidified a script or storyboard of some sort before I began the artwork.  I just gave myself way too much freedom with how I wanted the book to look without any real regard to how it would affect the story.  To be honest, I just wanted to see Obama cut the shit out of some zombies with a big ass samurai sword.  I had a story in mind; a good one too.  I just couldn’t force myself to sit down and write it.

I realized that the Obama project was dead, so I wanted to start fresh.  Then a great idea came to me.  It was just an image at first, but I ran with it and began writing.  For the first time in my entire life, I had willingly sat down and engaged in creative writing just for the fun of it.  My idea was a children’s story.  And for being a children’s story I managed to transfer every emotion and event I was going through in my life to 12 pages of fiction.  With only one draft completed, I had something that I was comfortable sharing with a couple of my friends (including Justin) to give me their thoughts about what I should do with it, ways I could clean it up, or possible things I could change to make it something that I could really work with.  Then school happened and I haven’t done anything creative since.  But I am hopeful.  Having actually typed this thing out, all I have to do is read it again and I can resume working on it this summer.  The only major challenge with it now is to resume practicing my art chops so I can make some artwork to go along with this thing.  Three months of no figure drawing is like three months without practicing snatches or clean and jerks.  And that ‘aint pretty.

Here’s a simple little project that I actually finished.  I got drunk one afternoon and finished it in about 45 minutes.   Arbitrarily named, “Super Love Jam.”


This week begins the “cut down on volume and hit the wall” phase of my training.  Basically, I’m going to cut down the volume and intensity in the mornings.  This has both positive and negative affects that I’m not going to bother going into, but the point is that I’m planning on PRing within the next 2 weeks and peaking at the meet on the 22nd.

Snatch:  took it up to 120 for  few singles.

Clean and jerk:  took it up to 140 and annoyingly missed the jerk a couple times.


Snatch: took it up to 140, missed 42.

Clean and jerk:  Missed 160.  Made the clean on the 2nd attempt but missed the jerk.

5 Responses to “Super Love Jam.”

  1. Brian said

    Hey Ben, I think you might like these guys

    I guess they are releasing a new album soon, but you can listen to it now on their site.

  2. Daniel said

    I didn’t know you played guitar too.
    What kind of software do you record with? It sounds clean.

    • bclaridad said

      I did all my recording with sonar. I bought a Tascam interface with mic inputs to record with. But I shuffle back and forth between sonar and Frootyloops to mix, sample, edit, make beats, etc.

  3. Television said

    Some dece music right there mr Claridad.

    I commend your pursuit of creative pursuits.

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