May 18, 2011

I’ve been working my ass off trying to get ready for the meet this weekend.  It’s to the point where I’ve become socially awkward because I can’t talk about anything else because I don’t want to think about anything else.  That’s the nature of weightlifting though; the more into it you get, the more everything else suffers.

Yesterday I did my usual power snatch and power clean workout.  I wanted to redeem myself after Monday’s less than stellar workouts.  Today was much better.  10 AM Barbell club was full of energy and my long lost workout partner, Will, came back to give me a much needed kick in the balls (a figurative kick in the balls).  When he walked in and we shook hands, it probably looked something like this:


Snatch:  Took it up to 130.  Went back down and worked up with Will to 110.

Clean and jerk:  “Nobelted” a nice 150.  Took 160 a few times but couldn’t rack it.  I should’ve spent more time loosening up my shoulders.

Time to eat, ice, stretch, sleep, heat, and repeat.


Snatch: worked up to 130 and missed it. Puzzled,  I went back down to a hundo, worked up to 30 and made it twice.

Clean and jerk:  Worked up to 160 and missed it.  The belt came off and Will and I began taking up doubles.  We reasoned that if we were “big timers”  we could do things for doubles.  “Big timing (to big time)” became a verb for the rest of the session.  120, 130, 140, 150, and finally I missed my 2nd rep at 160.  But I’m pretty sure I took home the No Belt Peace Prize for the day.

Here’s me having a great time.  I don’t think the 150×2 was actually a PR, but that didn’t stop me from telling everybody that it was.

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