Norcal Open.

May 23, 2011

I’ll hurry up and give you guys a quick write up of how the meet went yesterday.  I’ll probably do a more in depth post about it when I have some more time.


The attempts I had in my mind were 138, 143 (which would be a meet PR), and 145.  I ended up missing my opener at 38, repeated the same weight and then made 40.  That’s not so great for me. 140 feels like it should be standard ops but I instead keep fuckin’ around on my openers.

See what I mean?  Not great.  I need to stop messing around and get my 150.

Clean and jerk:  I was feeling REALLY confident on these; confident enough to open with a meet PR of 166.  For those of you who don’t lift competitively, gym PRs feel WAAY different than meet PRs.  So even though I made 170 a few weeks ago, it still didn’t feel like my “real” PR if that makes any sense.  Anyways, I made 66, jumped to 171 (PR) and then missed 75.


The Official V-Neck Workout (Chest and Tri’s edition).

I tried doing some power snatches, but I was just really unmotivated.  I’ll start back up on Wednesday and be up to full speed by Friday.  Until then I’m going to take off a few lbs and get yoked.

Bench: 225 for like 4 sets of 8-12.  I wasn’t really paying attention.

Band pull downs and push-ups on kettlebells:  Will and I alternated between these for like 10 minutes.  Again, we paid no attention to reps or sets, just swollage.

Tricep extensions:  Taking it back to high-school.

Glute-Ham raises and other miscellaneous stuff.

If I work out again this afternoon it will probably be slightly less bro-ey.  But only slightly.  It was funny to me how many people razzed me for my arms yesterday, especially since I hardly ever even do pull-ups or muscle-ups anymore.  One time I told Greg Everett that the core of my workout routine was tricep kickbacks.  We laughed.  Weightlifters can sometimes be a judgmental bunch.

4 Responses to “Norcal Open.”

  1. Brian said

    Saw the vid on fb, that jerk was absolutely textbook man.

  2. Terri with a heart over the "i" said

    Were people razzing you because your arms are too yammed out or not yammed out enough?

    • bclaridad said

      The general consensus of most people there was that my arms are too big for a Olympic lifter and that I should go ahead and admit that I do copious amounts of bicep curls. I don’t think that they’re actually that big (I’ve never measured) especially when compared to people who DO a lot of curls.

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