Ricky Bruch.

June 7, 2011



(I’m not posting yesterdays workouts because they were garbage.  The only notable thing I did was a few sets of pulls at 170.  And I NEVER do pulls, so you can guess how shitty I was feeling.)

Power Snatch: 110.

Power clean: 120×3, 130×2, 140×1.  I took 140 again but instead did a “Mega-Clark.”

Light Press.




4 Responses to “Ricky Bruch.”

  1. I was looking for some montage clips of Ricky today and just found out that he passed away. That man was a beast and will be missed. I randomly stumbled across your videos somehow shortly after. Props for artwork. I just read some posts here and I gotta say I think I will be checking this place out some more. Lastly, I wanted to point it out there that you’re an incredibly strong mofo. You definitely got my respect with regards to expressing oneself through some kilos–a lot of kilos.

    • bclaridad said

      Thanks, Bro. Glad you like the site. I’m sure you found the Gravy-Shine on us music video. I watched it countless times before leaving to train by myself.

  2. I’ve watched it countless times as well. His movie is worth watching if you haven’t already seen it.

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