Supersize me.

June 9, 2011

I just registered as a Super (105+) for nationals.  But I’m no stranger to the fat game.  I’ve actually been fat for most of my life.  I broke the 200lbs mark by the time I was in 7th grade (I was probably about 5’5 at the time).   By the time I was 17 I weighed a whopping 270lbs.  And this was before I got into serious lifting.  That was 270 of straight cheese.  But now I got some muscles too, so it’s cool.

(I would provide pictures, but I have none.)

This is a dramatization of myself as a toddler.

I actually decided to go full-fat mode about a month back.  My team needed a Super-Heavyweight to Score team points for nationals and I happened to be the biggest one.  I put on about 10lbs in 2 weeks.  How?  I started bench pressing once a week, creatine and pancakes.  EZPZ.

No biggie.  I bet you I can drop down to 225 within a month after Nationals.

Current weight: 246lbs. of brown thunder.


Power snatch and clean workout.  I’ll update if I PR.

2 Responses to “Supersize me.”

  1. doogie said

    Heavy metal attitude for nationals!

    • bclaridad said

      You know! Somebody put on some of that fucking garbage rock from 1999 in the gym last night. I’m talking like kid rock and fucking limp bizkit. I shamelessly got kind of pumped up.

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