The Trap Cut.

June 15, 2011

(This is a post for anyone who wants to look like they’ve put on about 15lbs. of muscle in about 5 to 10 minutes.)

If you’ve ever been inside a high school weight room, you have seen the trap cut T-shirt (or what used to be a T-shirt).  This is, in my opinion, the single best shirt alteration one could make to enhance one’s physique while getting huge.  What it does is it draws the eyes outward directly to the shoulder girdle, which is now partially exposed enough to see the slope of the trapezius above the clavicle line, which visually adds roughly 15lbs. of imaginary muscle.  The real trick is what I have labeled the “drape” effect.  This is the distance between the trap and the material of the shirt resting on the shoulders.  The greater the distance, the more yoked you will appear.  Observe.


This is what I would call a perfectly cut Trap shirt.  A common misconception among gym goers is that “more is better” so often you are left with the “nipples exposed” trap cut or the “double cape” which is basically 2 halves of a shirt tied together.  The point is to draw the eye to the traps.  If you put the whole thing out there, then you leave nothing to the imagination.  Remember, it is easy to take off too much!  Take off the sleeves with the initial cut then try it on and decide if/where you need to even things out.

I would recommend wearing your trap cut anywhere you want to look like you mean business:

-An interview (This is a no-brainer).

-Casual Friday (everyone else looks like they came to party and you look like you’re about to do WORK.  Instant. Promotion).

-While shopping (so no one will ask you any questions).

-While cooking (because everyone will want to eat what the big guy eats).

-A first date (also a no-brainer).

Things to say while wearing your trap cut:

-“Bro, you’re all up in my trapesphere.”

-Refer to yourself as the “air trapic controller.”

-And of course . . .

Do you have a favorite trap cut?

Where is the most inappropriate place you have worn a trap cut?

13 Responses to “The Trap Cut.”

  1. I cannot support this. Just take your shirt off, so I can see everything.

  2. Nate said

    Where is the most inappropriate place you have worn a trap cut?

    Trick question, there IS no inappropriate place for a trap cut.

  3. Denny said

    Well done!

  4. Mike said

    I like to cut a little opening at the front of the neck below the adams apple to let my neck poundage properlly bulge out. Increases ventilation and comfort.

    • bclaridad said

      I’ve seen that before! Although I’ve never done it myself, I’ve been interested. I have cut out the whole neck to make some sweet cut-off sweatshirts before.

  5. patrick stroup said

    Like this Ben?

  6. danm said

    Things to say while wearing your trap cut:

    -”Bro, you’re all up in my trapesphere.”

    -Refer to yourself as the “air trapic controller.”

    this made me laugh, a lot

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