Super Meat Boy.

July 4, 2011

I’m a fan of weightlifters and artists.  I’m a fan of musicians, fishermen, chefs, dancers, pharmacists, coaches, or anybody who’s passion takes them outside whatever is considered normal.  That’s because it takes a great deal of hard work and sacrifice to turn passions into full-time commitments (however brief or long that time may be).  I’m just a young guy (well I guess not THAT young). But I am young in the sense that I have only just begun to understand what this commitment actually means.  But I’m equally excited and determined to make my own thing work.  Since I’ve started bitching on the internet, I’ve had tons of people come up to me and tell me stories  about what they had to go through to make it work.  I’m a fan of you too.

I’m also a fan of this guy.

I saw the trailer and immediately identified with him.  That was me as a kid. I was awkward.  I drew pictures.  I didn’t have many friends.  I was him.  And now it’s his goal in life to create.  And yeah, I know it’s just video games, but I honestly see this guy creating what are essentially projections of himself which, to me, is art.  With his computer talent, he could have probably easily sealed a job at a large software company (which is also cool).  But he decided to try something else.

I think that this movie is currently in the final stages of production and will hopefully be available in the fall. HERE is the website for the movie and HERE is the game designer’s website.

P.S.  I’ve played Super Meat Boy.  It’s addicting.  It’s basically like an amped up Super Mario Brothers except you play as a gross, wall-jumping piece of meat and you are on a mission to rescue your equally gross girlfriend, Bandage Girl.  So addicting.

Artist's representation.


Snatch:  Took it up to 120.

Clean and jerk: took it up to 140.


I’m planning on hitting around 130/150 tonight.

5 Responses to “Super Meat Boy.”

  1. KevO said

    That picture is so epic. There’s nothing “boy” about that Meat-Man

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  3. TRMay said

    Read this entry right after you posted it, finally respond. No idea how I stumbled upon your internet-bitchings, but in reading them, I’ve become a fan of you, Ben. Silly as it may sound, I wanted you to know that your posts have cheered me up and inspired me in more than just weightlifting. I’ve identified with you in a few ways, namely, being a young dude, slowly working on school, still living at my parents, and into weightlifting.

    This is my first week training since a bad nerve injury almost a year ago. Squating 200lb is embarrassing and my form is terrible, but I’ve begun to sacrifice a lot for it. Mostly friends who are only interested in partying. I have no interest in competing or devoting my life to weights, but I feel more content finishing a tough set than I ever have dancing all night at a rager. The vast majority of people I talk to about it don’t understand (“6 eggs and pancakes and all that bacon for breakfast? You’re going to get fat!”); I think you would.

    Anyway, your willingness to post this shit on the internet obliged me to at least respond. Thanks bro, I look forward to reading all your future musings. If you ever need a place to crash in Seattle, I got you. Stay strong.

    • bclaridad said

      I appreciate it, bro. Writing this blog is honestly kind of a therapeutic thing for me. Makes me feel like I’m actually DOING something. Anyways I’m glad you get something out of it too. If you ever have any questions about training or need any help or whatever, I’ll do my best to help.

  4. […] the first thing that came to mind after reading this thing over for the 1st time.  I’ve said before that I’m a fan of anyone that makes their passion a priority, so I find myself to be a fan of […]

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