On Getting Fat.

July 13, 2011

A couple of months ago, I decided to bump up a weight class for Nationals.  Although I often workout alone, my official team is Hassle Free Barbell, and on that team are a couple of top 105kg contenders.  So knowing that I wouldn’t be able to catch up to my teammates, I decided to move to a 105+ and try to score some team points.  I figured the extra weight could only help my lifting and it would give me one less thing to worry about when Nationals finally came around.  At that time, I would usually roll out of bed weighing a solid 232-235 before 1st breakfast.  I am now a nice fluffy 250 before any meals.

Take note of the power belly.  Yes, I am fat in this picture, but I’ve been a LOT fatter at 250 before.  So I’m really not sweating it.  And don’t worry about what I’m doing in this picture.  I’m not working out.  My gym just had some new farmer’s walk implements made and I wanted to see if they work.

They work.

I swiftly plumped up by eating copious amounts of breakfast food, my favorite food group.  I’ve talked to many “hard gainers” in my lifetime, each one proclaiming that they cannot gain a single pound no matter what they eat.  I usually have a hearty belly laugh.  Like this one.

Then I ask if they’ve tried eating large amounts of breakfast foods throughout the day.

“No.  How often?”

“Like all the time.”

“Won’t I get fat?”


“But that’s not how bodybuilder’s do it.  I heard this bodybuilder friend that-”

“I don’t care.  You’re not a bodybuilder.  You just told me that you had trouble gaining weight, but now it sounds like you don’t want to do that.”

Yes, it would be great if we could all plan our meals well and eat clean and often like a bodybuilder.  But it’s expensive and time consuming.  Get the calories in.  Keep eating your fruits and veggies.  And have fun eating like a big guy.

And when you’re done with the “getting big” thing, eat more meat and veggies and less of everything else (Newbs call it Paleo, I call it Ketosis).


Here’s an exceptionally delicious shake I made today.

If you don’t drink it out of an over-sized mug, then you can’t afford it.

Fattie-Mc-Fat-Fat Shake:

-1 banana

-handful of strawberries.



-1 regular sized brownie

-3 heaping serving spoon size scoops of peanut butter

-3 scoops of protien

-big ass mug

AM Workout:

Snatch: hit a dece’ 135. I think I’ll open around here at the meet.

Clean and jerk:  Solid 150.  Cleaned 160 but missed the jerk.  I don’t think this will be a problem at the meet.  If I can clean it, I can jerk it.

8 Responses to “On Getting Fat.”

  1. Brian said

    I wasn’t terribly excited about that shake until I saw it includes a full brownie.

    Well played sir.

  2. Daniel said

    Before you get skinny again you gotta test your manhood on the 24 inch cheese steak challenge at Steak Escape in the arden mall. It has 2 pounds of steak in it. If you eat it in one sitting you get a shirt and probably 6000 free calories. Its a win win situation.

  3. Dude, ditch the Skippy and get some Jif!

  4. Jose Cardenas said

    I can totally relate to the getting yammed + getting fat aspect of this post. A year and some change ago, I decided to get strong real fast and proceeded to eat everything in sight, drink a gallon of whole milk a day and gain 30 pounds in about 3 months. Breakfast foods including bacon and eggs, played a substantial role in my swollage. I can also relate entirely to the frustration of talking to bench and curl bros about how I had gotten so big so fast and their hesitation at doing anything that would remotely affect their non-existant bodybuilding physique. Yeah I got fat, real frigging fat and yes I moved from a somewhat good sized scrum half #9 at 185 to an extremely oversized fat and sweating scrumhalf at 215 who could not run around the field too well.

    But I credit that extra weight gain and the yokage that it inspired with my strength goals and my rocking out where I am now. I am back down to 195 and am slowly inching towards the 85 kg class. I think it suits my frame (at 5-8) a little better than the upper ones. I enjoy the blog frequently and look forward to one day hitting some of your lifts at my own den of iron and meat. I recently purchased a bumper set and bar offa craigslist (albeit a york power bar and I am working to rectify the non-spinnage asap) and have decided to delve completely in the O-lifts after doing the crossfit football thing for a while and having no way to measure my goals other than completing a wod faster. I made some jerk blocks (yeah buddy), copped come rubber matting and now I work out shirtless in my driveway every afternoon after work. Life could not better. Keep doing what you are doing and keep guzzling down that breakfast food. Oh yeah, one thing I really miss about my super anabolic mass gaining phase was walking up stairs and getting out of breath or having a pounding pulse in my forehead. It just doesnt seem to be the same anymore.

  5. […] like this recent blog post from Along the Lines of. I am a hard gainer, and I know exactly where he is […]

  6. Nice… Eating a bigger breakfast has helped me w/ lifting & put on a bit.

    1-1.5 (UK) Pints of whole milk.
    100g of cashews OR almonds OR whole peanut butter
    1 large ripe banana
    3-4 large raw eggs
    Coca Powder

  7. […] wanted to revisit an article that Along the lines of posted years back regarding weight gain.  I am a hard gainer, and I know exactly where he is […]

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