July 17, 2011

Here are my final lifts from this weekend.  I’ll do a write-up for the meet when I get home.

143 snatch. 167 clean and jerk.

11 Responses to “Videos.”

  1. Daniel said

    Worked 5:25am-1:35 pm, got home at 2 and have not stopped doing precal homework and quizzes online for summer school untill just now. Nationals have been in the back of my mind all day and finally seeing the results just made my day. Great job, Ben.

  2. Kevo said

    That looked like cake bro, great job, proud of you!

  3. patrick stroup said

    broooooown chigishevvvvvvv!

  4. 2743160 said

    1 kilo away from your NorCal meet total even after all that crap you had going on with your back and you outsnatched your NorCal performance. Looks like a good day to me.

  5. TimmyMFg said

    Awesome job dude! EZ PIE!

  6. gogo said

    i listened to this lifting yesterday and thought of you

    nice work bro
    (im the one that kept saying you were walking like john wayne at the usaw cert a ca strength a few months ago)

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