July 20, 2011

Nationals.  Done.  I didn’t reach my goal of hitting 150/180 at this competition, but I am happy with the progress I’ve made in the past 6 months.  I clean and jerked my 1st 175, cleaned my 1st 182 (400lbs!), and got a 310 total in a meet (twice!).  I’ve also almost reached my goal of a 250kg. back squat.

Here’s video of all my attempts from Nationals.  If you check the results posted by USAW, I only achieved a 308 total, when in fact it was my 2nd attempt clean and jerk that got turned down, not my 3rd.  I have video proof and have already talked to multiple officials about it, sent e-mails and made phone calls.  Realistically, my results won’t change.  And in the end, it’s only 2 kilos, so I should probably stop bitching about it.

Like I said, I’m happy with how I performed at the meet.  If you could zoom in on my face on the 143 snatch, you would see a big ass smile on my face.  The last 4 weeks leading into this were pretty dismal as far as getting quality training.  And with that whole back spasm thing the week before the meet, I knew that if I were to re-injure my back it would be while snatching.  143 meet PR snatch?  I’ll take it.  It also felt good to have the last lift of the snatch session.  Made me feel slightly badass.

My clean and jerks went well too.  I decided to open super conservative at 160, which is funny, because that was my best clean and jerk at Collegiates a few months ago.  But since I cleaned that 182 in training, I haven’t really been able to take it up much past 150 without running into problems.

So I opened at 160 and stuck it.  165 also felt good but was turned down due to boggle at the top of the jerk.  I still wanted 170, but I knew that 167 would be the better choice because there was no way in hell I would miss it.

After talking to a few officials about the incorrect total, I walked to the nearest chain restaurant and proceeded to get smashed at the bar.  6 shots of whiskey and a few beers later, I stumbled back to the venue site to watch the rest of the sessions. At this point, it occurred to me that weightlifting was a lot more fun to watch while drunk.

I’m just going to put this out there.

Beer will make weightlifting meets less boring.

Pat Mendez clean and jerked 212.  Could you imagine the reaction from the crowd had they been drinking?  They would go apeshit.  Something to think about.

Anyways.  I’m taking the rest of the week to have fun at my gym/workplace.  We have so much cool stuff that I never get to use.  I’m also going to drop back down to 235lbs.  Being extra big is fun and all, but I’m just more comfortable at my “fighting” weight of 235.  Before next week, I’ll post my revised short term and long term goals for my next training cycle as well as a very rough outline of how I plan to get there.

I’m also going to start doing some more damn artwork.  Dammit.

12 Responses to “Nationals.”

  1. Brian said

    Congrats man. As corny as it sounds, you give me something to aspire to. I can only hope to catch up to you one day through my own Benbata training.

  2. Denny said

    Keep on them! Get your two kilos! Great work! See you tomorrow

  3. Dude. Don’t even make me more pissed off at people. They need to give you your two kilos. Regardless, very nice work. Congrats!

    And, I am not even lying about you and the Hassle Free team making a road trip to the NC Weightlifting Championships in September. You want beer at a meet? We have beer at a meet.

    Not only that, Allison Bishop (AllisonNYC) and I will be running a dunk tank in our bikinis. People can come dunk me because I’m annoying, and people can come dunk Allison just to see her in a bikini. Where else are you going to have that opportunity? NOT AT NATIONALS.

    Beer + bikinis + all of the other fun stuff we are planning. I think you need to be there, Ben Claridad.

    • bclaridad said


      That sounds awesome! And there’s nothing more I’d like to do than lift weights, drink beer, and dunk you in a tank. Gotta see how broke/not so broke I am by mid august, but I assure you, if I could I would.

  4. Patrick Stroup said

    I know what you’re thinking Ben, and Koji Band Suspended Kettlebell Barbell Squats with chains to a high box do sound like a great idea.

  5. Terri with a heart over the "i" said

    Top notch stuff guy, especially coming back from an injury.

    At the risk of straining a finger doing a search, what constitutes a “boggle”-d lift?

    • bclaridad said

      In weightlifting competitions, the weight must be jerked above the head in a continuous, smooth motion using a leg drive. If the drive is short and then the weight is pressed out with the arms, then it is a no lift. Also if the elbows re-bend at any time it is also a no lift. Usually lifters refer to this as a “boggle”. I honestly saw some lifts that were more “boggley” than this one and were passed, but that’s just he nature of sport, so it’s best not to get worked up over it.

  6. Wilmar said

    awesome job at nationals. and cool blog (stumbled upon it from a 70sbig link). totally agree with you on drinking and watching weightlifting.

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