70’s Big.

July 22, 2011

National meets are fun.  You never know who you’re going to run into.

Gettin' 70's big at Senior Nationals.

I met Justin of 70’s big last year at Nationals.  We made friendly and then ended up warming up together in the back before taking our attempts.  Later I would have him and AC over at my house for a sleep over, complete with pizza and video games.

Anyways, I know most of you guys have already seen this because you found my blog through 70’s big.  But HERE is a podcast interview we did the other day via teh internetz.


Here’s a picture that I got razzed for because I didn’t know how to properly do the 70’s big face.


Months later, I began to grow tired of not having a big, intimidating 70’s face.  So I began to practice.


This, I think, should deserve some extra points because I believe it to be an accurate representation of myself if I actually had existed in the 70’s.


2 Responses to “70’s Big.”

  1. the molester stache and deep side comb over…. Hot. 70’s hot.

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