July 25, 2011

National Championships marks the “midpoint” of my training year, after which I take a step back to re-evaluate my training goals for the year.

Initial Goals:

Snatch 150/clean and jerk 180:  This was meant to be done by Senior Nationals and obviously wasn’t met.  Earlier this year, I snatched 147 in training but have not been able to match that number since.  Recently, I Clean and jerked 175 in training and actually managed to clean 182 on the same day.  After this, my training took a turn for the worse.  Still, I managed to post a pretty good total at National with a meet PR snatch of 143.

Squat 250: I came pretty damn close to this one day with a strong looking 245.  That’s about 15kgs. of improvement for the year.  However after looking at what other lifters are squatting compared to me, I think I should change this goal to at least 260.

Front Squat: Admittedly, I haven’t been paying enough attention to these but I at least wanted to get up to 210.  My best is still only 200.  That will change starting next week with my new goal of reaching 230kg.

Revised Goals:

150/180: This remains the same.  I want it before American Opens.

-260 Back Squat: 250 would be dece’ but 260 would be super dece’.

230 Front Squat:  This will be most challenging but 200kg. is just unacceptable.

Fun/Other Goals:

Press: On top of these goals, I’m also going to start pressing/push pressing heavier.  I’m not going to post a goal weight for these because frankly, they’re just not as important as far as being a good weightlifter is concerned.  But I started doing them more often and on top of being kind of fun, pressing more often will help me become a more muscular 105 which will be useful if/when I ever decide to move up to a super (a real super), plus I also enjoy having a strong upper body.

Attend a couple live performances: I used to go to shows all the time back when I was cool.  However, training for weightlifting means that you don’t waste money and make an effort to not be on your feet for hours at a time.  Still, I can afford to attend one or two shows if I plan in advance.  The last good show I went to was Arcade Fire in Berkeley.

Art: I’m going to make some more progress on my children’s book as well as continue to do artwork.  I need to start practicing my figure drawing chops on a regular basis as well as branch out into different mediums.  It’s easy for me to just keep on doodling in ink and watercolor because it’s the fastest and easiest.  Alongthelinesof T-shirts could also be a possibility.

Move: I’m planning to do this by September.

School: School.



Power snatch: 3×3 at 90. 3×1 at 100.

Power clean and jerk: 3×1 at 120.

F. Squat: worked up to 140 for a single. No belt. no rehbands. (I’m saving ’em for later).

Press: 5×5 at 40.


Clean and jerk: Worked up to 130 for 1.

F. Squat: Worked up to 160 for 1.  Still no sleeves or belt.

Press: Pressed my 1st 100kgs. today.  Then I followed this up with a few more sets of 5 at 70.  I’ve never really done them before outside of catching a pump.  My usual protocol is 1 benbata set at 50kg.  My new pressing goal is 120kg. which I think would be dece’ for a guy my size.

The song in the video is Get Away-Yuck.  Sounds SO 90’s.

Deadlift: Threw these in for fun.  Took it up to 220kg.

Finished up with pull-ups and other miscellaneous stuff.

9 Responses to “Checkpoint.”

  1. Terri with a heart over the "i" said

    What’s your plan for squats? I read a lot of the weightlifting guys doing the “daily max” type of high frequency squatting.

    • bclaridad said

      Yeah, that’s kind of what I was thinking of doing. I’m going to focus mainly on F. squats for the time being and start ramping up my numbers slowly and waiting as long as I can before I start using my rehbands and belt.

  2. Joshua Cline said

    your goal should be to move to Charlotte and then you could be a paramedic and I could be an RN and we could open the only badass real gym in town. plus their lots of cool shows to go to?

    Its just an Idea.

  3. Brian said

    Pressing stuff could carryover to jerk strength, to help you raise that 180 overhead in a glorious fashion

  4. patrick stroup said

    mOaaaaarrrrrrRRRR lifting videos!

  5. sarah said

    Put me down for a T-shirt.

  6. Nate said

    Move to Santa Cruz. We have a paramedic school and USAW gym now. I still think being a medic is a bad idea.

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