July 28, 2011

Last night, I saw Woods play at Sol Collective in Sacramento, which I guess is an exceptionally hip thrift store that also serves as a venue to music and art events.  Needless to say, I felt pretty damn cool.

I really like these guys.  The show was a lot more “jammy” then I expected.  And for a mere 10 bucks at the door, the price was right for such a cool band.  I would suggest checking them out if you are into druggy, low-fi goodness. HERE is a review of their album, “Songs of Shame” from Pitchfork.

Also, I love indie kids.  I looked to my right and I swear this guy was standing motionless with his hand on his chin the ENTIRE 45 minute set.  I wanted to ask him what he was so concerned about.



Front Squat:  took it to a surprisingly easy 170kg. for a single.  Still holding off on the rehbands and belt.  I’m considering trying to hit 180-190 tonight.

Power clean and jerks:  I just took a few at 100 to see if I still remembered how.

Box jumps and long jumps: for funzies.

Light conditioning and pull-ups.


Front Squat: Worked up to an easy single at 180.  I’m pretty sure this lift gets the “no belt peace prize” as I don’t think I’ve ever tried to front squat anything over 170 without my rehbands or a belt on.

Clean and jerks:  took it to 140 and missed the jerk.  Not at all concerned.  They actually felt pretty good.

Behind the neck push press:  PR at 140.  The reason I’m doing these is to give me a break from strict pressing from the front while still getting some upper body work in.

Good mornings from the pins: 3×5 at 60.

Reverse planches:  Set up 2 boxes, put your shoulders on one and your heels on the other.

Glute-ham raises:  Standard ops.

One Response to “Woods.”

  1. Rob said

    nice front squatsies Ben

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