July 30, 2011


Friday AM:

Snatch:  110kg.  Took it back down and did some pause snatches for doubles.  It’s going to be fun working on bringing these back up again.

Friday PM:

Clean x2, jerk x1:  took it up to 140kg.

Front squat: Hit a nice 170 and then got buried underneath 180.

Pull ups and other miscellaneous.


Deadlifts:  I worked on these with Juan of Team Supertraining.  Took it up to 5 plates no problem.  Conventional stance.  Alternating grip.  Went for 525lbs and missed.  Took it back down to 3 plates, took of the belt, added straps and did 315lbsx5, 365lbsx5, 405lbsx5.

Clean and jerks:  120kg a couple times to practice.

F. Squat:  These were feeling great but my hip flexor kept giving me shooting pains at 140kg, so I kept dropping it.

B. Squat:  Tried doing these and felt no pain.  Grinded out a nice 190kg, no belt, no knee sleeves.  Then I put this song on.

Then I hit 210kg SUPER easy followed by 180kg for 6.

4 Responses to “Dopethrone.”

  1. Oh, good lord, I couldn’t get through more than 10 seconds of that song, dude.

    My lifters had their first meet yesterday! My daughter snatched 11 kg and jerked 15 kg. It was awesome.

  2. Joshua Cline said

    im down with the doom. I think the groove on this would add at least 35 lbs to my deadlift. I will try it out on wednesday. GAAAREASE!!

  3. chutson99 said

    Dude I’ve been drawing a big booty woolly mammoth priestess and i’ve had Electric Wizard on pretty heavy rotation. Supposedly there’s a Conan sample somewhere in Barbarian.

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