July 31, 2011

As you can tell by my last few training posts, I’ve been mixing up my training a bit.  With Nationals over with, I’m re-shifting my focus back over to my squats and fundamental strength training.  Last summer I switched over to training pretty much exclusively with the Olympic lifts.  Now it seems that I’m going in the opposite direction with more of an emphasis on building up a strength base in preparation for heavy attempts to come.  I have always said that I never fully bought into one training system over another and instead look at training by what an individual needs at that point in time.  Last summer I needed to up my total.  This summer I need to get stronger to prepare myself for an even higher total.  Next summer, who knows?

What I do know is that:

A) I’m enjoying my training.

B) I believe that what I’m doing is helping.

C) There is variation in what I’m doing. (Even when I was only snatching, C&Jing and squatting, I was always sure to give myself some variation.)

These are three things that I believe are essential to any training program.  Even if the program sucks, you will make progress if these components are present.  That being said, I’m going to add in more of my regular practice with the lifts starting this week.

Here’s me in a Team Supertraining video.

If powerlifting is your thing, check out their WEBSITE.


2 Responses to “Supertraining.”

  1. 2743160 said

    I think it’s real cool that you’re giving box squats and deadlifts a chance. Guys like Throwers and Strongmen aren’t afraid to mix up their training like this, throwing together elements of weightlifting and powerlifting, and a lot of them are obviously beastly strong. I hope you keep going over to the other side of the gym at least every other week for a few months just so I can have my own selfish curiosity satisfied.

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