August 8, 2011

CHOO, CHOO! All aboard the hype train.


Don’t act like you don’t care.  I’m going to get them for the same reason I got the Nikes: because they look cool.  And don’t even try telling me that you got your Nikes because the “heel cups your foot better.”  Bullshit.  They look cool.  I’m glad that Adidas is actually trying to make weightlifting shoes fashionable because that makes weightlifting fashionable, which in turn gets more people to do it, which in turn brings more money to the sport.  Swolonomics.


This week will be a lighter week in terms of squats.  I think I squatted 6 or 7 times last week, at least 4 of which were front squats which wreck me every time.  This week needs to be lighter.  I’ll be focusing more attention onto the lifts, doing variations from the blocks and hanging.  I may squat only twice, we’ll see.  Anyway’s it’ll be kind of boring so I wont post anything unless something interesting happens.


I moved.

Also.  Very proud of all my athletes that competed at the Kono Open. Very proud indeed.

6 Responses to “Swolonomics.”

  1. Sarah said

    Amen. I just wish they’d hurry up and release those shoes!! I need them NOW. Your athletes did great at the open. Good job, Coach!

  2. camilog75 said

    Word up Ben and soon we’ll have 100 lifters and 23 platforms

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