Favorite T-Shirt.

August 22, 2011

I’ve decided that while I’m busy working on my front squats, I should try to fix a few technical problems that I’ve been having with my lifts.  I’m a big believer in “setting up a lift.”  What I mean is, that when a lift is pulled properly to the knees,  chances are that it will finish correctly through the hips.  Lately I’ve noticed that I have been inconsistent with my hips which also means that I have been inconsistent from the floor.

Along with playing around with my foot and hand position on both lifts, I’ve been paying careful attention that my shoulders are locked down and tension is felt all the way through my traps before I start.  I, along with many beginners have a tendency to be a little “musclebound” in the starting position from the floor.  In an attempt to have a solid back position, lifters will often bring their shoulders back as if performing a row from the floor.  What needs to be happen in most cases is that the shoulders should be relaxed and pinned down into the socket in order to minimize any inconsistencies during the first pull.  The reason for this being that this shoulder position most likely cannot be maintained during a maximal effort and excess motion will be added to the liftoff, pulling the lifter out of position.

Observe the 1st rep from this flushing set I performed after taking up my snatches today.

I do a pretty decent job of maintaining proper body angles from the ground.  Not a whole lot of movement going on besides my knees pushing back, putting me into an advantageous position to hit the bar with my hips.  Naturally, my technique begins to disintegrate as I get more and more fatigued.  But I hit a pretty decent 6 reps regardless.  Also, I’m wearing my favorite T-shirt.

2 Responses to “Favorite T-Shirt.”

  1. Penn said

    I always thought that an oly pull of any kind should be done like a deadlift – shoulders internally rotated to keep the bar as close to you as possible. It pretty much blew my mind apart when I was told to externally rotate my shoulders. Really helped a lot of things in my still developing technique.

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