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September 27, 2011

I’m working on getting the T-shirt shop up and running.  Just ordered the 1st one and if it makes me look swole after putting it on then I’ll link the shop to the site.


No one pulls like Vanev. No one.

Zlatan Vanev is one of my top 5 favorite weightlifters of all time.  Seeing him repeatedly clean 210 only to miss the jerk in the Ironmind training hall video was one of the most inspiring and tenacious feats of strength I’ve ever seen.  He has one of the most ferocious pulls out of any weightlifter in any weight class.  Hands down.  Vanev is the man.



power snatch and power clean and jerk: 110/130.

Heavy rack walk outs:  Load up a bunch of weight on a rack and rack it for shoulder mobility.

3 sets of prowler sprint and max pull-ups.  I want to drop down to 235lbs. by the end of the week.

Benbata lat pull-downs and DB rows.



Snatch: first time full snatching above 70kg. in about a week.  Took it up to 120 and then called it.

Light power cleans.

Light presses.


Power snatch and power cleans: 110/130.


Power snatch and power cleans: 110/130.

Heavy rack walk outs:  Load up a bunch of weight on a rack and rack it for shoulder mobility.

Bench press: light

GHRs with small band: 3×10


Clean and jerk:  played around at 120-130 for a few reps, then cleaned 150 a couple times but missed the jerk.  Minimal pain.

Clean pulls:  worked up to 180.

Back squats:  a few sets of 10 really light with and odd shaped bar.

Thursday (PM)

Power snatches and cleans: light.

Friday (AM)

Warm up workout for the evening.

Friday (PM)

Snatch: hit a nice 120.  Missed 130.  And took a few more from the hang.

Clean and jerk:  Took it up to 150 and missed.  Dropped back down to 120 and worked back up.  Hit a really nice 150 and finally missed 160.


September 23, 2011

Check this out.

JR lifter phenom, CC keeps the PR’s rollin’ with a 66kg snatch and a 82 C&J.

(Correction. 67kg. snatch.  Apparently I can’t count.)

Have a good weekend, everybody.  If something funny happened in the gym this week, post it in the comments section.  It could be anything.

Like this.

Womp womp. Here comes the Charlie Brown music.


September 18, 2011

I arrived home and found these at my doorstep.

Ask and ye shall receive.

Dr. Strossen is the man.




September 16, 2011



Squat:  Managed to get a few sets of 5 at 160 and then a few singles at 180.  I think they’re coming back.

Power snatch: 100kg.

Power clean and jerk: 140kg.


Special guest Rob B of Cal Strength stopped by today for a light AM session.  It was really helpful having him around.  I snatched up to 120 and clean and jerked up to 140 with minimal pain.


This was supposed to be my heavy day but ended up being a bust.  I’m super frustrated right now.  Oh well.  I guess the only thing to do is to keep moving forward.

Have a good weekend, everybody.  If you got any PR’s recently, let me hear ’em.  I could use some motivation.

We used to listen to this before football games.

Lift Weights.

September 14, 2011

“Squat it, press it, pull it, you’ll be alright.  Because if you don’t have a plan, you don’t have a goal, what the hell you care about sets and reps for?”


1) Snatch 150/ Clean and jerk 180.  In a meet.  On the same day.

2)  Front Squat 220/Back Squat 250.

3) Additional artistic goals that I will write more about later as they unfold.


I am officially back in action this week.  Training has and will continue to be slightly more organized than it has been in the past.  I will continue to train an average of 9 sessions a week, twice a day on M,W,F and once on T,TH,S.  Morning workouts on M,W,F will  be my time to practice any accessory lifts (such as pulls and presses) and will be generally used to prepare me for my evening workouts.  Evenings on M and W (at least for the time being) will be used to practice ONE of the lifts.  This is different than what I’ve done in the past.  I’ve always practiced both lifts in the evenings on M,W,F.  But I’m planning on using these nights to hit a certain number of attempts at a certain weight to practice the full versions of the lifts.  Like I said before, mornings will be used to practice any variations (such as hang, pause, power, or from the blocks) that I think I need to work on.  Fridays will remain generally the same as those have always been used as my day to max on both the lifts during the 2nd session.  T and TH will be my squat days as well as when I practice the power variations of both lifts (light).  My knees are killing me at the moment, so I will have to modify the squats for the time being or just not do them all together.  Saturdays will be an additional squat day and I’ll play it by ear if I want to do anything else.

Here’s what I’ve been doing the last couple days.



Snatch pulls off the blocks: sets of 5 all the way up to 140kg, 3×5 at 140.

Power cleans: light.

Light positional work for the cleans: (Like pulling a weight off the ground and pausing at the knee and then at the hip.)

Press: 110 for a single.


10 snatches at 110kg.

GHR: 5×8


Power variations: (light)

Attempted to squat.


Clean pulls: (from floor, from knee, from floor, from knee) 3×4 at 160.

Power snatch: (light).

Rack mobility.

Pull-ups and miscellaneous.


10 clean and jerks at 130.  This sucked.

Miscellaneous kettlebell stuff.

Now for some entertainment.

I’m not too powerlifting savvy outside of what the Team ST guys are doing, but Justin posted something about Jim Wendler the other day.  I became interested in his yokes and looked up some of his videos.  His thoughts on programming, planning, and goal setting mirror my own.

And I love his thoughts on the internet.  Couldn’t agree more.

He kinda reminds me of a powerlifting version of Max, who actually does some powerlifting these days.

The Jump Off.

September 12, 2011

I lifted in the T. Brooks Memorial Open yesterday.  It was my 1st meet back since nationals and I’m going to sort of use it as a “jump off” for my next 3 months of training.  The last few weeks have been pretty light but I’ve been working to improve on my technique a bit specifically making my pull from the floor more consistent.  My reasoning for this is that if a lift starts off correctly, chances are that it will end correctly.

I have a habit of getting pulled out of position from the ground which leaves my hips completely out of the equation for the majority of the lift.  It’s hard to feel when I’m warming up, but once I get into the 120-130kg range, I can definitely tell if I’m pulling correctly.  That being said, I haven’t actually gotten out of the 120-130 range since Nationals.  My cleans have also been proportionally weaker.  I think my best so far since nationals is 150.

So walking into a meet without any big numbers under my belt in quite some time, I decided to declare really light openers and if I was actually feeling good while warming up, I would open up heavier.

Snatch:  This was an especially long men’s session,so I got started warming up 45 minutes in, knowing that I would be the last lifter.

50×3, 50×3, 70×2, 90×1, 100 miss, 100×1, 110×1, 120×1 (it was this point that I started to feel pretty good) 125×1, 130×1, 130×1, 132×1 (I was now getting some confidence so I decided to declare a nice 135 as my opener.) 134×1.

That was a lot more warm-ups than I usually take, but I felt like testing the waters.

Anyways, I went 135, 140, 145x.

Not bad.

Clean and Jerks:

50 (to stretch my shoulders), 70, 70, 100, 120, 140, 150, 160 (the first 160 in months).  Then the pace of the meet slowed unexpectedly so I went 140, 150, open.

I opened at 162. Pulled it. Caught it.  But my knee gave me a quick flash of pain so I dropped it.  Now throbbing, I debated whether or not I should take the next one.  I Clarked it and decided to call it there.  Better to be able to train tomorrow than incapacitate myself for the rest of the week.

All in all, I have mixed emotions.  I bombed out, but lifter heavier than I have in months.  And it felt good.  Like I said, this is just the start of the next 3 months of training.  And this will be a very important 3 months because it will determine whether or not I meet my goal of a 150/180 by American Opens and my additional squat goals of 220/250.  I’ll write more on this and my general game plan later this week.

Over The Bar.

September 9, 2011

In my opinion, this is one of the most important positions in weightlifting.

If a lifter can find himself in this position, chances are he will finish the lift correctly.


I’m competing in a local weightlifting contest this weekend.  Just for funzies.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


I pressed 115kg. the other day.  I think I’ll stop altogether once I get 120.

Triple Ext.

September 8, 2011

rattle that bar.

Bottom Position.

September 6, 2011

I have a few weightlifting sketches from a while back.

I kinda liked this one. I wish my back was that upright when I caught a clean.