The Jump Off.

September 12, 2011

I lifted in the T. Brooks Memorial Open yesterday.  It was my 1st meet back since nationals and I’m going to sort of use it as a “jump off” for my next 3 months of training.  The last few weeks have been pretty light but I’ve been working to improve on my technique a bit specifically making my pull from the floor more consistent.  My reasoning for this is that if a lift starts off correctly, chances are that it will end correctly.

I have a habit of getting pulled out of position from the ground which leaves my hips completely out of the equation for the majority of the lift.  It’s hard to feel when I’m warming up, but once I get into the 120-130kg range, I can definitely tell if I’m pulling correctly.  That being said, I haven’t actually gotten out of the 120-130 range since Nationals.  My cleans have also been proportionally weaker.  I think my best so far since nationals is 150.

So walking into a meet without any big numbers under my belt in quite some time, I decided to declare really light openers and if I was actually feeling good while warming up, I would open up heavier.

Snatch:  This was an especially long men’s session,so I got started warming up 45 minutes in, knowing that I would be the last lifter.

50×3, 50×3, 70×2, 90×1, 100 miss, 100×1, 110×1, 120×1 (it was this point that I started to feel pretty good) 125×1, 130×1, 130×1, 132×1 (I was now getting some confidence so I decided to declare a nice 135 as my opener.) 134×1.

That was a lot more warm-ups than I usually take, but I felt like testing the waters.

Anyways, I went 135, 140, 145x.

Not bad.

Clean and Jerks:

50 (to stretch my shoulders), 70, 70, 100, 120, 140, 150, 160 (the first 160 in months).  Then the pace of the meet slowed unexpectedly so I went 140, 150, open.

I opened at 162. Pulled it. Caught it.  But my knee gave me a quick flash of pain so I dropped it.  Now throbbing, I debated whether or not I should take the next one.  I Clarked it and decided to call it there.  Better to be able to train tomorrow than incapacitate myself for the rest of the week.

All in all, I have mixed emotions.  I bombed out, but lifter heavier than I have in months.  And it felt good.  Like I said, this is just the start of the next 3 months of training.  And this will be a very important 3 months because it will determine whether or not I meet my goal of a 150/180 by American Opens and my additional squat goals of 220/250.  I’ll write more on this and my general game plan later this week.

One Response to “The Jump Off.”

  1. Daniel said

    Glad you hit some heavier weights than planned dude you will get that 150/180 in no time.

    Don’t know if you already saw it, but someone put The soul is greater than the world on utube with english subs.
    I spent an hour watching it the other week and it changed my life.

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