September 16, 2011



Squat:  Managed to get a few sets of 5 at 160 and then a few singles at 180.  I think they’re coming back.

Power snatch: 100kg.

Power clean and jerk: 140kg.


Special guest Rob B of Cal Strength stopped by today for a light AM session.  It was really helpful having him around.  I snatched up to 120 and clean and jerked up to 140 with minimal pain.


This was supposed to be my heavy day but ended up being a bust.  I’m super frustrated right now.  Oh well.  I guess the only thing to do is to keep moving forward.

Have a good weekend, everybody.  If you got any PR’s recently, let me hear ’em.  I could use some motivation.

We used to listen to this before football games.

6 Responses to “Inches.”

  1. josh cline said

    Rep pr for squats. Totaled 260 reps this week. About 200 more than normal. Also 150 reps with the ohp. I had been training super heavy for a solid year. Volume works wonders somtimes.

  2. Tamara Cohen said

    There you go reading my mind again. My friend told me yesterday that she thought Glenn had me in mind when he wrote that blog post. Even funnier because I get to hang out with him today and tomorrow. But, I can’t clean and jerk, since I had an x-ray yesterday and probably have a bone bruise on my clavical. Now I can’t even front squat for a bit. KEEP MOVING FORWARD, right? I will be squatting and pulling my ass off for a while. And, hey, I can still snatch. Don’t you worry, Ben Claridad, weightlifting is awesome and it loves you. I wish I had a really fabulous PR from this week to tell you about, but I don’t. I did kick a barbell across the platform, and I cried through the rest of that training session. I came back the next day to train just like a zombie! One really good thing was that three of my lifters competed last weekend, one for the first time. My 69 kg lifter brought her meet total from 105 on July 31 to 125 on September 10. That was awesome. And now I am up at 4:00 am so that I can drive to hang out with a bunch of weightlifters. Life is good. Oh, my new song on this topic of zombies is “Skyscraper” by Demo Lovato. I love that song, even if she’s nothing like Nicki Minaj. But, it is also relevant because Demo Lovato used to be on Barney and Friends. If you can be on Barney and then keep moving forward with your career after that, you are like a super zombie. So, you should listen to that song today. It’s kind of girly, FYI.

    • bclaridad said

      Bruised clavical huh? thats pretty gnar-gnar (short for gnarly). Congrats on your 69kg. lifter’s total. My lifter is progressing steadily as well, so I got that going for me. Perhaps they’ll (and we’ll) meet at the American Open?

      • Tamara Cohen said

        I snatched 56 today when I trained with Glenn and Caleb, and I barely missed 60. I think snatching 60 tomorrow sounds like a good idea, since I’ve been wanting to do that forever. That would fit in nicely with my plan of competing at the American Open when it’s way on your side of the country in Palm Desert next year. I certainly won’t complain if I end up there this year either coaching or competing. And, the bone bruise sucks, but I will call it gnar-gnar to feel better about it, haha.

  3. Cameron said

    150 front squat!

    Also a PR dump on that snatch. That spin really added some much needed flair to it.

  4. kecks said

    clean deadlift 125×3 (female, 72kg). and then i snatched 78 two times in a row which was nice (pb 80kg). and today i got 93 c+j easy two times in a row and couldn’t get myself to pull me under 97. too much angst. only lifted it to the knees and then stopped dead. sometimes i hate myself. and weightlifting. but only sometimes.

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