T-shirts and Stuff.

September 27, 2011

I’m working on getting the T-shirt shop up and running.  Just ordered the 1st one and if it makes me look swole after putting it on then I’ll link the shop to the site.


No one pulls like Vanev. No one.

Zlatan Vanev is one of my top 5 favorite weightlifters of all time.  Seeing him repeatedly clean 210 only to miss the jerk in the Ironmind training hall video was one of the most inspiring and tenacious feats of strength I’ve ever seen.  He has one of the most ferocious pulls out of any weightlifter in any weight class.  Hands down.  Vanev is the man.



power snatch and power clean and jerk: 110/130.

Heavy rack walk outs:  Load up a bunch of weight on a rack and rack it for shoulder mobility.

3 sets of prowler sprint and max pull-ups.  I want to drop down to 235lbs. by the end of the week.

Benbata lat pull-downs and DB rows.



Snatch: first time full snatching above 70kg. in about a week.  Took it up to 120 and then called it.

Light power cleans.

Light presses.


Power snatch and power cleans: 110/130.


Power snatch and power cleans: 110/130.

Heavy rack walk outs:  Load up a bunch of weight on a rack and rack it for shoulder mobility.

Bench press: light

GHRs with small band: 3×10


Clean and jerk:  played around at 120-130 for a few reps, then cleaned 150 a couple times but missed the jerk.  Minimal pain.

Clean pulls:  worked up to 180.

Back squats:  a few sets of 10 really light with and odd shaped bar.

Thursday (PM)

Power snatches and cleans: light.

Friday (AM)

Warm up workout for the evening.

Friday (PM)

Snatch: hit a nice 120.  Missed 130.  And took a few more from the hang.

Clean and jerk:  Took it up to 150 and missed.  Dropped back down to 120 and worked back up.  Hit a really nice 150 and finally missed 160.

3 Responses to “T-shirts and Stuff.”

  1. I want a Ben Claridad shirt. I’ll trade you for an Asheville Strength and Conditioning shirt. We are getting those up in our store as I type. There are going to be ones with glitter, of course.

  2. Gregor said

    I just got the Bulgarian Training Hall DVD last week and definitely +1 what you said about Vanev.

    Since I am only starting out to explore the universe of Olympic weightlifting, this was quite an eye opener.

    What are your other 4 favorite lifters?

    • bclaridad said

      Oh man. That DVD is like a total slap in the face, right? Like right in the beginning you see some dude who looks like he weighs 60kg. front squatting what looks to be 220. Vanev is the most alpha guy in the gym for sure though.

      4 other favorite lifters? Sounds like another blog post to me. At the top of my head: Chigishev, Kolecki, gouzheng, Klokov.

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