Most JACKED list: Weightlifter Edition.

October 3, 2011

Last week I talked about how I think weightlifting would be more popular in America if it were more attractive to big, strong, muscular guys.  Obviously Big, strong, muscular guys want to work out in ways that get you BIGGER, STRONGER, and more MUSCULAR.  And for those purposes, bodybuilding and powerlifting principles work the best.  But if you’ve been weightlifting for a while, then you know that when combined with general strengthening principles, Olympic Weightlifting can be used to attain JAKK.  But sadly, the perception of weightlifters is that we walk around with our PVC pipes flogging technique and practicing snatch balances for an hour and a half.  And while it’s true that the best weightlifters must have the best technique it is also true that they are fucking strong.  Here is a short list of the most jacked, most ripped, most swole weightlifters of all time.


When you think heavyweight, you probably think of guys like this.

Rezazadeh. Being huge.

But just because you’re a heavyweight doesn’t mean you have to wear size 47 stretchy waist sweat pants.

"The Piz." Maximal JAKK.

One of the leanest, most muscular heavyweights of all time, Anatoly Pisarenko.

And let’s not forget.

Chgishev has got arms chiseled out of granite.

My personal favorite, Evgeny Chigishev hittin’ a dece’ most muscular.

And finally, the Dimitry’s.

Laprikov. +1 for headband.

Razazadeh, NOT JACKED. Russians, JACKED.



I could’ve picked any member of the Chinese national team.  These guys do a lot of general strengthening work and it shows in their muscled physiques.

69kg. of YOKE.

Chinese team, JACKED.


I’m not entirely sure who this guy is . . . but he’s Jacked!

Take a look at those getaway sticks.

This guy, JACKED!


I’m going to finish of my short list with an American.  A champion weightlifter AND bodybuilder.  I’m talking about Tommy Kono.

"Oh, these?"

Lat spread fosho.

Tommy Kono, JACKED.

There you have it.  Weightlifters are jacked.  If you can think of any more, post they’re name and/or picture in the comments section.

13 Responses to “Most JACKED list: Weightlifter Edition.”

  1. Paudie said

    I’m very close to googling “Klokov topless” :/

    I will be his mistriss. (manstriss?)

  2. Paudie said

    I’m not that stressed.

    Hmm. Bro-stress, there’s surely a blog post there.

    Here i was thinking mistriss was the UK spelling of “mistress”, turns out i’m just slightly illiterate, embarrassing.

  3. Gregor said

    “This guy” in the is Ivan Stoitsov.

    205kg C&J

  4. Penn said

    While Misha isn’t bodybuilder lean I think he carries the most muscle mass out of any weightlifter at 6’4″ 350lbs. When I saw this video I couldn’t get over his traps.

    Marcin Dolega is also pretty damn jacked.

  5. you forget Dimas, he’s fucking jacked too

  6. I’m real impressed by this guy.

    you may know him as the dude who demolished his elbow at beijing only to come back and lift MORE at 2011 euro champs.

    I desire this width due to lat swole

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