Workouts 10/3-10/8

October 4, 2011

Monday (AM)

Hang snatch x3’s- worked up to 110kg.

Cleans off the blocks: 130×3, 140×1

Snatch pulls off the blocks: x4 up to 140kg.

Rack holds


Band work for glutes



Monday (PM)

snatch, hang snatch: worked upto 120, missed 225kg and then up to 20 again.

Front squats: x3’s up to 140, 150×1, 160×1.

Presses: 110, then x5’s up to 80kg.

Close grip bench


Mobility, bro.


I usually would have a lighter power variation day.  But instead, CC and I traveled to Crossfit Solano to catch a workout with Jasha Faye.  He’s a coach who’s opinion I really respect and it’s always helpful having another pair of eyes on you.  We took up our Clean and jerks.  I played around at 335lbs.  for a while and then took a few more at 315.


Snatch pulls:  x4’s up to 120kg.  3×2 at 130.

Power clean and jerks:  hit 130 a few times.



Reverse hypers

Calf raises, bro.


Snatch: hit 120 a few times.

Clean pulls:  Worked up to 150 doing sets of 5.  This was not fun and was very difficult.


I basically took this day off.  Those pulls fucked up my life more than expected.


Warm up workout:  Snatched 120, cleaned 140.


Snatch:  Worked up to 130, missed 35.  Went down to 100 and up to 130 again.

After this my back tightened up and I thought I was having a back spasm.  It eventually worked itself out after I tested out a few back squats.

Clean and jerk:  Worked up to 160, missed it.  Took 140, 150 and then crushed 160.  It felt good.


Front Squat: took it up to 170kg.  My knees are feeling a lot better.

Hang snatch:  took it up to 120.  Made 3 out of 5.

Clean pulls:  Worked up to 160 for sets of 4.  These looked better then my sets of 5 at 150.


7 Responses to “Workouts 10/3-10/8”

  1. Steve said

    What kind of band work do you do for glutes? I’m interested in having a most awesome posterior bro.

    • bclaridad said

      Anything where you’re performing abduction. I’ve been doing lateral side steps recently while in bands and it’s really been helping my knee pain. Surprisingly, lunges have also helped with this. I can do a video of the side steps if you need.

    • bclaridad said

      Here steve. I’m probably going to take this down after you get to see it because it’s kind of embarrassing (I don’t do well talking at a camera). What I MEANT to say is that these can be used either during the warm up for some nifty “glute activation” or after your lifts, preferably in conjunction with some GHR’s or even lunges. I’ve been working hard to strengthen up my posterior and I believe it to be helping my knee pain.

  2. gogo said

    i heard through the grapevine you’re doing oly seminars.
    any interest in coming up to the northwest?
    you have fans up here. we want the goods.

  3. Steve said

    Thanks Ben! I’m going to try to incorporate these on a regular basis along with some GHRs like you mention. I appreciate the video.

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