Beta Testing.

October 5, 2011


"Oh, these?"

This was the 1st shirt design.  After ordering this one, I realized that I thought the white box around the gesture drawing looked stupid.  So I asked Justin how he fixed the problem and then I sent it off to my graphic design person (yeah, Hollywood Ben has a person for that) so that it could be fixed.  We were also thinking of doing a logo for the back.  But after seeing what the plain script looked like in person, it’s kind of growing on me.  I’d appreciate your thoughts on this.

Eyes up, buddy. It's ABOVE my lats.

I put this particular design on a nice tri-blend fitted shirt.  I understand that a lot of you guys are too manly to wear the softer, lighter fabric, so I’ll have one on the good ol’ heavyweight cotton and one on the tri-blend.

Also, women’s shirts are in the works as well.  I’m sure you don’t want a women’s shirt with some dude on it, so I’m working on drawing up a badass women’s design.  Also, is it sexist to put the script on the lower back of the shirt instead of the shoulders?  I talked to a few girls about it and they said it would be “cute.”

So, I totally went to the gym in my shirt today.  At first I felt really cool but then I started to feel like the guy who’s in a band who wears his own merch (If you are in a band, do not do this!!).  But then I decided that I don’t care because I think it looks cool and I’m proud of actually being close to finishing an art project for once.

Anyways, shirt store should be up by the end of the week.  Help a guy out and buy one, jerk.

11 Responses to “Beta Testing.”

  1. Okay, I will buy a shirt, probably more than one. I am excited about a badass women’s design. Do not put the script on the lower back. It is not cute, it is annoying. Plus, I don’t like “cute.” And, for those of us who have a big ass, the bottom of the shirt gets wrinkles in it anyway, and then you might not be able to read the text. Even though Glenn told me the other day that my ass is not that big for a weightlifter because it doesn’t require its own zip code.

  2. Wilmar said

    awesome shirt. i’d hella sport that.

  3. Penn said

    If you’re looking for other printing options a few arty friends of mine have had luck using as a way of selling t-shirts and prints. There’s no cost to you at all but society6 takes a more sizable chunk of the profit. And I don’t think you’d be able to do a print on the back either.

  4. Melissa said

    Love the drawing/design. Ditto to what Tamara says on the women’s design – do not put it on the lower back. Tramp stamp on a T-shirt? Girls might think it’s cute, women probably will not (they’ve already got the tattoo in 2002 and wish they didn’t). I would think you’d rather draw more attention to your art on the front of the shirt and your name on the back – keep it classy Ben. Your art is far more classic and deserves more than being displayed on someone’s ass – plus, you never know what ass it will be on, and that could be good or bad advertising:).

  5. Matthew Crispell said

    The drawings on the T-shirt are a classic look. I get it, but I do not like the website on the shirt.

    • bclaridad said

      That’s why I didn’t put any lettering on the front. I’m open to any alternate suggestions but I think that I should at least have some way of identifying myself on the shirts. And since I don’t like to do logos or fancy lettering, this seemed like the most “me.”

  6. keep the website name I dont mind being a Benbata billboard.

    So is the final product going to be the white box drawing or one without?

  7. Matt said

    I look forward to buying a shirt! Above the website you have your initials and have it say “B.C = 105kg of yoke”

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